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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

SUCCESS UPDATE UPDATE: Since I last talked to you I have done several commercials.  I did one commercial for my husband's business on the radio last year;  and he actually was called several times in one month.  The producer  said that I was a natural and did not make one mistake.  I wrote my whole commercial.  Then, last month , I did another radio commercial for my own tutoring business; and this producer also said that I was a natural and no mistakes.  I Never get nervous.  I have never had so much fun.  My bank, friends, etc. have been trying to find me some more work.  One of our friends just took my demo to his boss because he needed a voiceover commercial; but, he needed a man.  He did say, however, that my demo knocked his socks off.  He also said he would keep me in mind so that if anyone needed a woman's voice; he would call me.  I have never had so much fun.  Thank you for all the great fun training. 

SUCCESS UPDATE: So far, I have done three commercials on the radio for my husband's welding business.  The producer said I was a natural and I did not make any mistakes.  It was so much fun.  I did not get nervous; just had a ball.  I love doing commercials and hope to do more eventually.  Thank you all for your great help.  

Hi everyone, I have NEVER met so many great, caring, fun people in my life in one company. I have been so excited since I returned home from the training in Milpitas, Ca in Feb. 2009. John suggested that I tell the whole town and find a company who wants a free commercial. I took one of my demos to my bank and the whole bank said I sounded better than most people on radio or tv. They even gave a demo to the radio station. I am in shock. Thank you for giving me the confidence. My husband is (within the next 3-4 months) going to make half my classroom into a recording room. Saving our pennies. I am looking forward to the advanced training class. Please keep me informed early enough to save some more pennies.


Elaine A. - CA

The Masters Class was a great learning experience for me, as well as a fun one. Our teacher, John, made every minute interesting. He provided opportunities for all the students to practice the techniques he was teaching and to get any questions they may have had answered. The curriculum was well-organized, covering all aspects of the voiceover business. The highlight of the class, of course, was the studio recording session. It was so much fun getting the practical experience of doing voiceovers in a professional environment and the demo resulting from that experience will be invaluable in helping us get started as voiceover artists. The workbook we were given to take home is very thorough and serves as a great reference. Finally, it's great to know that we will always have professional support at this site whenever we need help. I would highly recommend Voices For All for anyone interested in learning to become a voiceover artist.

Mona N. - CA

SUCCESS UPDATE: I got my first job! Andrea Langworthy, my VFA Master Teacher, was kind enough to refer me to a client, and I got my first job. I'm not sure what is more exciting- being successful at a voice-over, or knowing that people like Andrea at VFA really do back you up and do their best to nudge you forward into this business. Thank you, Andrea, for being a caring teacher. Thank you, VFA, for being a quality company.

The VFA Master Class was an excellent experience. As a retired teacher, I really appreciate an instructor who knows exactly what she wants to present and knows how to present it effectively. This class takes all the mystery out of voiceovers. Andrea Langworthy's supportive coaching made the demo experience stress-free and extremely positive. I feel very prepared to enter this field, both from a vocal and a business standpoint. Thank you very much.

Emmett C. - NC

The people at VFA have been great from beginning to end--from scheduling the class to post-class questions. Paul is always available to help with question and recommendations and they have a wealth of information from which to draw. It's a great starting point for a career in voice overs.

Daniel B. - OR

I was very impressed with the Master Class and the materials provided by Voices for All. Having been in radio for a number of years and also doing television voice overs, but out of the business for several years, I already had some experience. I can honestly say that the materials are accurately presented and helpful to anyone just starting out in the business, as well as someone like me who needs a refresher. The marketing ideas, alone, would have made the two days spent in the class worthwhile. But interacting with others of the same interest and picking up tips on how to be an independent voice talent made the class that much more valuable. And the support available to "graduates" down the road just adds that much more. I wholeheartedly recommend VFA's Master Class to anyone seriously considering working as a voice talent.

Carl A. - NY

When I say "Thanks for Listening" at the end of my VFA Demos I really mean it!!!!!!(This is meant for the VFA staff)

Everyone I have had the pleasure to work with associated with Voices For All have been totally impressive.

I was kind of skeptical when I signed up for the Master Class truthfully. The Intro, Master Class, and beyond are very "SOLID". You are not forgotten after you make your Demos. The follow through is amazing.

I learned so much in the classes and hope to apply it. The experience of being in the Studio was priceless.

Grazie !!!! xxoxoxo

Maria P. - IL

I really enjoyed the class! Our instructor, John, was obviously very knowledgable and kept the class moving at a good pace.

I'm excited to begin my voice acting career - many thanks to the folks at Voices For All!

John H. - IL

What a great experience!! The Masters Class was really informative and ALOT of fun! The Voices For All support system is just great and very helpful in getting started.

Joan C. - IL

So far my experience with Voices For All has been absolutely wonderful!!! Everyone that I have been in contact with has been great. The class I took with Andrea is the best class I've ever taken. I'm really into this and I know whatever help I may need along the way...I'll get from this wonderful group of people.

Diane D. - CA

This is a fantastic course! This company is a valuable resource and the course was an excellent use of my time and money. This made me feel like I could actually do this and do it fairly well. Thank you so much!

Janice W. - OH

SUCCESS UPDATE: Sorry for not being in touch but wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I am still plugging away with the voice over commitments. I am currently doing a Christian audio book and will be having it released at the end of summer, as well as the children’s book due out in Fall.
Whew! What a weekend at the Master Class! The easy to read Master Class Manual is an excellent resource guide better than ANY voice courses I have ever taken before. It truly lays out, point by point, all you really need to get started in this profession in today's world.

The coaching from our Master Class Teacher, Andrea Langworthy, was exceptional and the support even after the course was completed is a far greater benefit!

If you want to hear a sample of my demo from the recording portion of the Master Class click the red link below.

Thank you again for all your help Voices for All!

Diane T. - CA

I had a blast at the Master Class with John Pruden in Chicago! The class was intense with information, but fun with the practice scripts! Even during the demo recording session John brings the best out of you. I will never forget the "bare-ass" moment for my pronunciation of Bayer Aspirin.

Pat J. - MN

Wow! I never expected when I attended the Introduction Voice Acting with Mike Elmore at Harbor College, the class would be so exciting and left us all wanting to learn more!

Well, we got more!

The Voices for All Master Class with Andrea Langworthy, was the most comprehensive, inclusive, no nonsense, real learning experience and understanding of what to expect in the Voice Acting Business.

More importantly, the information shared, the support system, the how to invaluable...Master Class Workbook, private recording session for your demos, being a part of the Voices for All family talent, they thought of everything one would need.

Wow! I am excited and looking forward to a future in the Voice Acting Business.

Thank you!

Wanda M. - CA

Unbelievable technical support and engineering assistance! Thanks Paul and everyone at Voices For All!

Campbell B. - NJ

The introductory class was really interesting and peeked my interest, but the master class was lots of information and exciting, made me feel that I could actually achieve my goals, especially with all the support of VFA and the great people I met at the class. All the staff at VFA have so much enthusiasm, knowledge and patience no one can fail. Thanks VFA, especially Andrea.

Julie W. - NJ

"The Master Class was the BEST!! I can't wait to get started!!"

Mark G. - NJ

This was the best class I've ever taken. I fell in love with the concept of voice over acting. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard my voice on the demo. I was awesome!!! You too can be awesome!!!

Denise G. - FL

What a wonderful opportunity and experience! The class was presented professionally, yet in a comfortable manner. Eventhough there was a tremendous amount of information, the class was conducted in a logical, sequential manner as to enhance this learning experience. Thank you for allowing me to escape from my 'conservative box', becoming more demonstrative! You guys are great!

Larry S. - CA

Once upon a time, there was a giant that lived on the Isle of Long who was named Dagz. His voice was deep and booming and he spent his days singing and telling stories to all that would listen. For many years the people of his quaint little village encouraged him to share his talent with other villages, at first he thought that they were tired of his stories and wanted to be rid of him. With the help of his wife Shia, whom he also thought wanted to be rid of him, he sent out on a life quest. He went in search of how to accomplish this journey. He read many books, but that wasn't enough. His appetite for this particular knowledge remained unsatisfied. He found a consul of scholars who understood his needs and directed Dagz to travel to a far away land where he could find the answers to his questions and hone his skills as a story teller. The trek was hard and long , but it was worth the sacrifices he had made. For he came upon a castle where he was met by the Good Witch (remember I said witch - get your mind out of the gutter) Andrea and who welcomed the new apprentice to the Sacred Arts of the Voice. The trials and tasks were difficult, yet fun and engaging. Dagz was very pleased with his results and fledgling mastery of his new shills. Upon completion of the courses he was welcomed into the Society of Voices for All. He was now apart of a new family that encourages and supports his ambitions. He returned to his village and went to work on spreading his Word for all to hear.

The last time we saw Dagz he was singing and telling his stories to a much larger and grander audience. There is much more work to do and learn, but he is happy and satisfied in his work.

There are many people along the path that Dagz would like to thank, the lovely Lady Courtney, Sir Paul, Sir Eric, the stable lad Jeff, the wizard in the studio, and the Good Witch Andrea. Thank you all for such a wonderful and educational experience.

Francis D. - NY

Great course! Fantastic learning experience! Thanks for offering such an amazing course to help get me started on my lifelong dream!

Lauren K. - NY

Your master class was the perfect mix between class work, script work and studio time. Put that together with the backup support that you've all provided and I now have all the tools to jump start my new career. Thank you SO much!

Darlene C. - WA

Dear Andrea, I just wanted to touch base and tell you again how much I appreciated the experience I had over the weekend at the Master Class. You have a gift and I am glad I was one of the beneficiaries of that gift. Thank you for your advice, your positive and motivational spirit, and a great overall learning experience.

Sheila G.- NY

I've been impressed that everything VFA does is extremely professional and yet warmly encouraging. For career-changers, they really make the whole process efficient and comprehensible. It's especially nice to know you have some back-up support when you run into problems down the road. Thanks!

Lin F. - CO

SUCCESS UPDATE: Andrea and Paul, Just a quick update on how things are going after my Voices For All Masters Class.  It has taken about a year but persistence does pay off.

After numerous auditions and learning to listen really well to what I was submitting as an audition I finally landed my first job. It was small but it was a narration which I like.  I have been getting some small narration jobs mostly for business presentations. Recently I auditioned for 2 national and 2 worldwide distribution documentary projects and placed 2nd and 3rd in the final rankings.  That was certainly encouraging.  

Meanwhile I was hired to do a large business narration for a Canadian company ($2,000). They were very pleased and asked if I would be interested in doing 4 or 5 more of these for them and of course I said yes!  More encouragement!  Another opportunity came when I placed 1st for hire for a narration with a worldwide charity ($4,000 job). The client eventually chose one of the other auditions but the producer was pleased enough with my audition that he is keeping it for future narration possibilities. Talk about a HIGH, then a LOW, then a HIGH!

So far I can say that it takes a great deal of patience, constant learning, self evaluation and self improvement. And updating and expanding my demos has been essential too.

Thanks to Voices For All and the Masters Class and your entire team.


Paul, Andrea and the Team,

Thanks for a great experience with Voices For All. You give a great platform to "spring into action" and get started in the voice over business". I enjoyed the experience and look forward to lots of fun and challenge.

Carol M. - AZ

I would like to thank the VFA staff, particularly John Pruden, for making my Master Class experience a great one. Over the course of just three days I learned much about the VO industry on topics ranging from the recording process, to acting and reading technique to business fundamentals. I am now utilizing what I learned, at my own pace, one step at a time. And while class time lasted only last 3 days, the staff at VFA has been and continues to be very helpful in answering questions and in providing feedback afterwards when I have contacted them. I highly recommend the VFA Master Class.

Dan G. - CO

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