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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


Voices For All is one of the most professional and well-organized companies I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Eric Hunt did a fantastic job in the introductory class and re-ignited my long overdue interest in pursuing a career in voice acting. Andrea Langworthy is amazingly talented and did a superb job as my VFA Master Class instructor. The Master Class curriculum was well-organized, comprehensive and extremely detailed. Equally important, it was interesting and FUN! The demo recording session with Andrea and Brian was a blast! VFA is a first-class organization that genuinely cares about their students - before, during and after the Master Class. The VFA workbook and Web site provide Master Class graduates with all of the resources and ingredients for success! If you're considering a career/hobby in voice acting, sign up for the VFA Master Class - it's the experience of a lifetime!

Mike K. - FL

Thank you "Voices For All-team" for giving me all the tools I need to jump into a new career! The whole weekend was amazing, very well organized and with lots of material to look back at.

Ruth S. - NJ

Attending a Voices For All Master class is like a 2 1/2 day July 4th fireworks show! The anticipation began building from the introductory presentation by Mike Elmore to the feedback on my initial demo given by Sherril Stewart and went sky high during the first 2 hours of Eric Hunts' class introduction. I was assured I would be given the tools necessary to enter the world of Voiceover. I was given that and more with practice techniques, suggestions for marketing as well as a recorded demo. The fireworks are now up to me, but it's good to know I will have the support of Voices For All. Thank you all!

Bobbi J. - IL

In September, I was able to attend the VFA Masters class in Albany, NY. By November, I'd started my own voiceover studio - and now my voiceover business is well on it's way to success - all thanks to Voices For All. Initially, it was important for me to work with one company that could supply all the services necessary to start a voiceover business. Voices For All met and exceeded my expectations. The Masters class was very thorough in providing the information and initial training needed to start my own home studio business. Andrea was our class instructor. She was knowledgeable, informative, energetic, and above all else - professional. The class itself was challenging yet great fun! VFA gave me guidance and access to the equipment needed for my home studio at extremely reasonable prices. Then, I was assisted by phone and e-mail in getting everything set up properly. VFA answered all my questions quickly and professionally. When my first commercial projects were coming through, Paul and Andrea critqued the recordings and gave me needed valuable feedback. This was a valuable VFA tool I really needed for potential success. Now, my voiceover business is running and my website is online using VFA's quality demos. I couldn't have done it without the Voices For All team, especially in such a short amount of time. I easily could've floundered getting everything up and working but VFA greatly assisted in keeping me on target. I strongly encourage anyone seriously considering a voiceover career to contact and work with Voices For All! VFA is truly the one voiceover company that "has it all!"

David F. - CA

Thanks to everyone at Voices For All. I had a great time and learned a lot about Voice Over. I was unsure if I should pursue Voice Acting, but I was given a lot of positive feedback. All the information given and the time spent rehearshing and recording was a big boost. I am currently putting together my own studio, and I am continuing my training. For me it was a great opportunity to learn a new marketable skill, which is a lot of fun. I cannot say enough about Eric as an instrutor, he was terrific to work with and I hope to work with him again. It was great to meet all the instrutors and engineers, each one was a pleasure to be around. By the way I had a great group of classmates and I am sure they will all become top voice over names. It was so much fun learning with them.

VoiceActing, Voice Over, is too much fun to be a Job. Thanks again for your guidance.

Ed R. - MD

SUCCESS UPDATE: I just wanted to update everyone on what has been going on since the Master Class. I recently recorded the on-hold messages for my employer, Cal National Bank now part of U.S. Bank. They are running throughout our 68 branches in Southern California as well as at our call center. I hope this leads to future nationwide recordings with U.S. Bank. Thank you again VFA!!

The Master Class was definitely worth every minute of my time. It was truly an invaluable learning experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to start out in the voiceover industry. Kudos to all of the amazing staff. John Pruden is a wonderful instructor and a true talent. Thank you so much!!


Jennifer L. - CA

I simply cannot be more pleased with my demo! My family was even more impressed than I was. It was a great, grand finale to an awesome and fulfilling class.

Ed T. - OH

Every single person on the staff at VFA is personable, experienced and highly professional. If you are considering which company to spend a weekend at and your money on...this is the one. There are alot of voice over companies out there which, in my experience of looking around, are good but I went with great, and I am most pleased I did my training with VFA. Mike Elmore's intro class was real, fun and just what I expected - a peek and small feel for this biz. I have personally met or spoken to everyone at VFA except a couple of staff and everyone is professional. They have never said to me, "no, Wendy, I don't know...or I cannot do that." They find the answer and follow up to ensure I have what I need. Eric lead my weekend and he was 10 out of 10! He was nothing but real, friendly, experienced, fun, and high energy. I know that they truly care and I can use them as a resource going forward at any time. How many companies can you say that about? VFA is the leader of the pack! I walked away from my master class training with a professional demo and most importantly I now have the tools, education and support needed to be as successful as I want to be in this industry. Thank you, VFA! I love you all!

Wendy E. - FL

SUCCESS UPDATE:Hi Paul, I am very glad to report that I have successfully completed my first Public Service Announcement. The 60-second, two-voice spot aired approximately 15 times from May 24 through May 30 on KRXA Radio in the Monterey California market. The spot announced an upcoming event in the Monterey area. I had the honor of attending and helping out at the event and was told many times by attendees that they had "heard about it on the radio." In fact, one attendee said, "I heard the announcement so many times that I just knew this place would be packed!" and it was. I recorded the spot in Monterey in the sound studio at the radio station!

SUCCESS UPDATE: It's an honor to be able to state that I've completed the voiceover/narration for the League of Women Voter's 90th Anniversary video. 

 I narrated the video for the Eden Area Chapter of the League and I understand that other Leagues in California as well as the National League have requested copies for their use. 

John's master class was instructive, insightful and fun. From voiceacting techniques to equipment, John knows the craft and he explains it masterfully. Thanks for a great class and for the demos.

Rene B. - CA

I had some previous experience doing voiceover work for the school districts that I worked in over my many years in education. This experience ranged from phone messaging to band announcing to promotional DVDs and announcing sporting events. When I took the initial class it stirred a more intense interest in learning more about the profession. After taking the Master Class at Voices For All I realized that there was much more to this exciting profession. As an educator I can honestly say they incorporated the latest teaching techniques and made me appreciate the industry and even stimulated an interest in developing my skills in this profession. The instructors provided positive criticism and pointed out how all of us can be part of this exciting career. The materials provided were very complete and provided the necessary information to get started. It was also comforting to know that they will always be around to answer questions and get me started on the straight and narrow. They all have a good sense of humor and even laughed at my jokes. Thanks for inspiring this old guy!

Mike W. - OH

I feel as if words will never be able to express exactly what finding Voices For All has done for me. As a girl who has spent her entire life painfully shy and completely insecure about the extreme lack of ordinary, primarily when pertaning to the tone of her vocal chords, I had spent a large portion of my life hesistant to speak. Obsessed with music, theater, and drama from the sidelines, I always dreamed of being able to express myself using the voice I was given, but decided there just wasn't a way for me to. Everything changed when I entered the Intro Class at my community college and met Eric Hunt. Being introduced to this awesome industry with seemingly endless possibilities for someone who had been living under the notion that having the voice of a "baby" was a bad thing, had me floating home that night, brimming with hope. His evaluation the following week further succeeded in boosting my confidence, and to make a long story a bit shorter, four months later I took his Master Class. The entire weekend exceeded my expectations. I felt that I truly recieved a complete "toolbox" of knowledge to carry away and begin building my career with. The support of the entire VFA staff was wonderful. By the time I entered the studio to record my demo, I knew without a doubt that not only had I come to the right place and met the right people, I was doing something that - whether I succeed or fail - I was born to do. Being in the studio will go down in the history of my life as being one (two hour long) groundbreaking moment. Eric's encouragment enabled me to finally fully embrace my oddities and appreciate my unique voice. The enthusiasm of everyone at Voices For All was completely successful at erasing any of the doubt that I held when first coming into this. I have decided to put the development of my career at the very top of my priority list, am so eager to begin constructing a future in voice over acting, and love knowing that even though the Master Class weekend is behind me, I have the support of these amazing people for as long as I need them.

Marissa S. - NY

The Master Class was excellent and John Pruden was Fantastic! Not only did we get a lot of information in a short amount of time, but it was "voice-on". We each did oral exercises and discussed the results in the group. The beginning of the class, I was a sponge. At the end of the class, I was dripping head to toes and leaving wet footprints in my wake.

Tina J. - IL

I just attended the VFA Master class with John in San Jose and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I have to admit that I was skeptical going into it but my skeptisism began to fade during the first session and by the end of the class all doubts were completely gone. And if the class wasn't enough to make me a believer, I have been blown away by how helpful the whole VFA family has been in helping me with every aspect of launching my voiceover career. A million thanks to VFA!

Andrea J. - CA

The thing is most of the time you do a four or five day class and you leave and you're excited and then you have no idea where to begin. With Voices for All you not only have an amazingly in depth class with excellent knowledgeable teachers, all hyped up to get you on track and teach you all there is to know, but you've practiced scripts, you have you're marketing tools, and the best part of all is you have an excellent demo from a real live studio on a website that launches your career before you know it!! Wow thanks guys, you really know how to do it right.. oh and by the way what about all the technical/email support.. I tried it out not believing that they would respond right away and of course there was Andrea the next day answering all my questions in depth.. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Jenny G. - NJ

I would not be on the brink of an incredible journey if it wasn't for the wonderful people at Voices For All. I had no idea how the Internet had changed the Voice Over Industry until Mike Elmore's introductory class. Mike's knowledge of and insight to the industry created the spark. Sherril Stewart did a wonderful job explaining the many benefits that taking the next step - the masters class - would provide. It's so much more than just a few days of training. You also get the studio time and direction to produce two demos, the work/reference book to take home and membership on the VFA website which includes both your own page and many additional resources on all aspects of the industry. These resources also include the people and their willingness to help and answer questions even after the class has ended. I'll admit to being a little concerned by the amount of the initial investment, but Casey Rose's professionalism in taking care of the details of registering helped ease that fear. John Pruden's enthusiasm and wide variety of knowledge, insider tips and hands on exercises made the master class worth every minute and every penny. The class also introduced me to several wonderful people that I look forward to keeping in touch with. John's choice of scripts specifically for me and his direction in the studio coaxed commercial and narration demos out of me that I'm very proud of. The Pro Tools template that Paul Benedetti has created is priceless; it allowed me to record my first sample just an hour after my husband installed Pro Tools on our home PC. Paul's recording experience and quick response to emails (as well as some helpful hints from John) has helped me create a home studio that is ready to roll!!

Now it's up to me to make things happen, but I want to thank the wonderful and knowledgeable people at Voices For All for giving me the tools, support, and encouragement to go on this ride. I would not be on this brink of an incredible journey without you!!

Lucy D. - IL

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