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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


I really enjoyed the master class and left feeling empowered to begin a new career. I am still in the process of setting up my studio, but VFA has already been a help responding to questions and concerns. I know I can count on them to be there for all my future needs.

Susan M. - CA

I attended the class in September in Albany, NY. The weekend was pretty intense but well worth it. There was alot of material to cover. The workbook is excellent. I am taking it page by page to get all the information again. And as a map for starting my voice over business. Eric Hunt is the perfect instructor because he works in the field. I have used VFA staff numerous times before, during and after the class. They provide great service! VFA thanks for getting me strated in the voice over industry. 

Patricia P. - FL

SUCCESS UPDATE: Well, I guess I am now officially a voice over person. Not too long ago I finished the Powerpoint presentation for Florock products. 54 slides, and a happy customer. Sent off the invoice, and just waiting for the check.

I really had fun doing it, and am looking forward to other projects, although they're hard to come by. I do want to thank you, Eric, and VFA for the education and help in getting this launched.

Bob R. - IL

Support for taking the first baby steps in getting started with a VO career was easy to ask for and quickly provided. Because the many topics covered in the Mater Class are necessarily presented mostly in overview fashion, the curriculum binder, on-line reference materials, and willingness of the VFA staff to assist are crucial for success. Kudos to Eric, Courtney, and the other professionals at VFA Central for their willing helpfulness. Undertaking the voice over journey would be much more difficult without them and the VFA backu-up resources. 

Maurice R. - WA

After I took the "introductory" class, I was not completely sure whether I wished to pursue the master class and, eventually, acual voiceover work. In visiting with Jeremy at VFA and analyzing my introductory evaluation, I believed it the right thing to do. The outlay of finances to take the class was the first hurdle to consider as I am retired and what with the economy as it is, I was concerned. However, Jeremy and VFA made it pretty simple with their pay plan. Having made the financial decision I looked forward to the Master Class with Eric Hunt. Sure am glad I did! Eric was fantastic as a teacher/coach/facilitator. The class was great fun and filled with great information. The recording of the demo session was a piece of cake because of Eric and the detailed effort he put into the studio work. Voices For All has proven their commitment to me as a voice actor and I know that I can rely on them for support, encouragement, and suggestions as I move forward in the art and career of voiceover acting. THANK YOU, ERIC AND THE STAFF OF VFA!

Robert M. - WA

If you're reading this, you're more than likely, trying to make the decision to take the VFA classes. My advice to you: DO IT! Stop thinking about it and DO IT! You are in great hands with the people at the home office and the coaches out in the field. I took the intro class and met Mike Elmore. A couple of days later I got a call from VFA inviting me to the Master Class. I'm telling you, it was the best thing I have ever done. Look, they have a vested interest in having you succeed. On top of that, even after the classes end, they are still there to help you in whatever you need to become a success. These people are pros. They know whether you have THAT skill or not. The Masters Class takes you step by step on how to do everything. From how to read a script to getting paid for reading that script. It's all there. Business plan, marketing, demos, recording, all of the how to's you need. What's great? If you have more questions down the road there is always someone there to help you out. I took my Master Class in Dec. of 2010, it is now Sept. of 2011. It took me a while to get everything in place, but I can happily say I'm busy, having a lot of fun and making a decent living doing it! Mike Elmore has been the biggest help through all of this as I'm sure your coach will be too. If it wasn't for him I would not be writing this today. His patience and direction gave me the confidence I needed, when I needed it. In the last 3 months, I've booked jobs from Kobalt Tools to Ford Explorer, Movie Trailers, Radio ads, Product demos, Corporate identities and a lot more. Look, they can show you how to be successful, but it's up to you. Like anything else, the more you put in to it, the more you're going to get out of it. Thank you VFA and a big THANK YOU to Mike Elmore extraordinaire. DO IT, I'm telling you, just DO IT!

Matt M. - WA

As of today, (just two days after taking the Master Class) everything I've done in regards to Voices For All has been great. However, I am really looking forward to the time when I can share good new pertaining to my success as a voice actress.

Elsie S. - NY

I attended the VFA Master Class in Chicago this past April. The class was a diverse group that had the expert guidance of Mike Elmore for the entire weekend. I cannot find enough adjectives in the English language to express how great the entire experience was for my future in voice acting. Mike filled every second with details and information to provide each of us the tools to be successful in this venture. Yet, I remember feeling that he took the time to encourage and enlighten each individual with specifics for them in particular. The most important aspect of the weekend for me was the final day when Mike reminded us it was a process. I took that important point to make sure my future was well planned, marketed, and set up for enjoyment of the whole process. THANK YOU Mike and all the wonderful people at VFA for opening the door that is leading me to my future success as a voiceover artist. Please look for my company - ODIII Productions ( Voiceovers by Oren Pomeroy ).

Oren P. - IL

It's only been about 2 months since the masters class and I'm still learning from VFA. The class was great, very comprehensive and Eric does a great job of getting you ready for this world and excited about it. I have my studio up and running. Courtney is a super teacher and has been so patient with my questions and concerns. I can't believe how much I know and have learned since then. I would be in tears if it weren't for VFA. They mean what they say when you have their support. It is money well spent. If you are thinking of becoming a voice over artist, don't do it without VFA!

Stacy S. - MO

SUCCESS UPDATE: Completed an acting gig and VO project for the feature Film SPACESHIP TERROR as the voice of the "Killer Captain"

The Movie has gone on to win the Seattle True Independent Film Festival's best picture Kick Ass award, and is currently a success in Japan.

Completed an acting  role in the feature film 68 MINUTES (still in production). As Dr. Sark.

Currently acting in A HARWEN FILM'S production of a feature  entitled Grimises Rising As the Grimises Demon. (There is a  Page on FB, Grimises Rising)

All of which is  a direct result of  what I  learned through VOICES FOR ALL.

Stephen L. - WA

VFA provided great instruction and workbook for the 3 day Masters Class. They also provide a page of resources and tips, including setting up a Pro Tools studio at home. I wished we had more time to hear ourselves recorded before we went in to record the professional demos, but there just wasn't enough time. The workshop was full of exercises and instructions. Even after the class was over, VFA will check back with you to see how things are going and provide a lot more advice and information when you are ready to hear it.

Andy K. - MN

It's been almost a year since I attended the VFA Masters Class in Los Angeles with Eric Hunt. I look back and enjoy the time of instruction and interaction with my classmates. I want to encourage and remind everyone that this is a JOURNEY...not a path to instant overnight success! Keep that thought in mind as you embark on this adventure in your life. There will be bumps along the way...but with Andrea, Courtney and the rest of the VFA team, you will be in good hands! :)

Troy K. - TX

SUCCESS UPDATE: I was speaking with an attorney, who was helping me with some legal issues, and told him I was working on getting voiceover work.  He said he knew the CEO of an agency in San Francisco and wrote an email introduction to her about me.   I then filed my headshot, VO demo and resume.  Was called to do an audition - which I felt I had blown, but apparently had not.  So don't judge yourself, we are usually our own worst critics!  Then called in last week for an interview and contract.

This agency was founded 25 years ago by an actress and now employees her son and daughter.  They have film and voice over studios in their offices.  They are a respected agency in the SF bay area.  I hope to get some acting and/or VO work with them and will keep you posted as to what I do land.  It is difficult to get picked up by any agency in the area so - it's all about relationships!! 

My experience with my VFA class was wonderful.  I received more direction and guidance that I have in any other performance class I have taken.  Eric knew how to draw out of me the best that I could give with his patience and clear explicit instructions and guidance.  The taping of the demo was a great experience and best of all, FUN!  I am so glad I took this class and have greatly benefited from it.  I am looking forward to taking the character development class in the near future.  Please continue to keep giving classes and supporting us, Voices for All.

Mary Ann M. - CA

Many thanks for all your efforts before, during and after class. Due to surgery, am very late in getting back to you with my appreciation. I am now back up and running and anxious to put to work my newfound knowledge to work. You are a great team! Thank you so very much!

Patricia L. - PA

I really enjoyed the master class and staff, they were very supportive and encouraging, would recommend this class for anyone who is serious about voiceover aspiration.

Nadata Ra A. - MD

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