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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


My experience with Voices for All has been phenomenal. From my first in person class at my local community college, to my one on one coaching sessions with Lori Hauser to personal audio assistance with Jeff Wildermuth- I can't express how amazing this team is. I even booked my first audio book while I was still working with Lori to complete my Bronze class package. Lori is so much more than a coach, she is a true mentor and vested in each one of her student's success as a VO artist. I also highly recommend the studio setup and full support package, it took out all the guess work of setting up my studio and learning ProTools software. Thank you VFA!

Suzanne S. - CA

To VO or not to VO…that was my question. I was so impressed with the 90-minute Voices For All intro and voice assessment course I took through my local community college that I decided “to VO.“ My instructor was Mike Elmore. They call him “instructor,” but he was much more than that: mentor, coach, guide, and now, friend. I so enjoyed Mike’s sense of humor and absolutely helpful examples from his own VO career experience, both past and present. As I now prepare to hit the ground running, my enthusiasm for this new career phase of my life has been enhanced and my learning curve shortened through Mike’s tutelage and through VFA’s professional staff and engineers. I have learned so much in this course and credit both VFA and Mike Elmore for supporting and guiding me through it all.

Diane B. - MI

After years of reading to my son with the ability to keep his interest, I thought perhaps I could spark the interest of others as well. I would like to thank Lori Hauser, Jeff Wildermuth and the other people "behind the scenes" of Voices for All for their guidance in learning about this trade. You were all so patient and professional.

Tiffany H. - IL

Lori Hauser was wonderful as a teacher. She was informative, obviously skilled at what she does, and most importantly, very very PATIENT!! She took me step by step through the entire process and did not move on until she was sure that I had grasped what came before. Jeff, the IT consultant, was also PATIENT (notice a theme here?) and explained everything in simple terms to this IT novice. I cannot recommend this course more highly for those interested in pursuing a career in Voice Over Acting. 

Mary G. - CA


"Just when things are breaking up, something breaks through" (Whisper) I got a call from executive John Schumaker from "The West Valley Talking News" "Julanne, we have a new radio station down here and I have a Lifestyles Program I think will be a perfect fit for you." He sent me a few demo samples to get a feel for what he wants and I accepted the challenge on Thursday of last week. Considering the support and encouragement you and your team have given me over the past few years, I wanted to thank you once again. I'm living my dream :)

UPDATE: 4/12/19

 I was certified as a professional Narrator by a member of the National Library of Congress. Quite a feather in my cap :) I am 70 programs strong as the host of the radio show Everyday Living and am continuing my education investigating podcasts. Miracle Grow did renew my contract with a raise for 2019 and another raise for 2020. 

Voices For all has been instrumental in making the difference in my newly launched career in voice over. Over the past two years I have received continued support in the areas of marketing, technique, education, and technical support. I have become friends with many of the staff to the point where it feels like "family." They are real people in real time and only a phone call away. I refer to my "workbook" frequently and it is a well used tool. I have access to updates when they surface so I am up to the minute in an ever changing, fast paced career path.Voice acting requires an education. Voices for All will always be at the top of my list.

Julanne D. - AZ

I had a great experience with Lori Hauser as my coach. I learned so much from her during my Gold Level Master Classes. I was so sad when they were over! Lori taught me a ton about the industry and gave me great tips to improve my performances. I actually booked two professional voiceover jobs for explainer videos before we were even done with our sessions! I think I made a friend for life in Lori and am excited as I continue on my voiceover journey. I would definitely recommend Voices for All and Lori Hauser to anyone who wants a jump start into the world of voiceovers!

Stacy D. - CA

My experience with VFA was interesting. The Voice coaching with Aaron Fischer was SUPER fun and educational how to grow in this company and thrive. I learned how to take care of my voice as well as what it takes to be a voice actor which I am super excited for. The only downfall of this experience was after my voice coaching was done and my space needed to be certified, it took so many emails back and forth with home studio for them to advise to buy a $30 program to help with the background noise... they advised to get the program 2 Years after my voice coaching. My Advise to new people, take alot of notes, if not for my notes I would have forgotten EVERYTHING.

Jennifer P. - FL

The seed has been sewn. The bug within me. The passion still burns. Aaron thank you for training that is off the chart!!! Despite going through voice training at a time of immense life changing events, I managed to retain the necessary how-to(s) to become a professional. The training gives you the nuts and bolts to get started. But, for me, the training really forced me to assess any encompassed and transferable skills that can be translated into my acting … and vice versa. I'll take that, thank you very much. One thing I like, in particular, is the marketing focus VFA incorporates into their training. As a former vocational instructor, it always bothered me that we put all this time into training a student, but virtually no honest perspective about how those students will make a buck after fleeing the nest – unless the instructor took it upon themselves to alter the syllabus. VFA addresses this issue realistically within their course, as well as, providing extensive marketing resources that's available ongoing – it's a no brainer. I have no complaints. I am not sure if this will help anybody, but the course reminded me of taking drum lessons when I was growing up. The one on one classes are priced about the same when you break it all down separate from any demos, marketing resources and so forth. Another light bulb that comes to mind, is that like those drum lessons – my voice training should've started long ago. Thanks VFA!

Bob S. - WA

Hey Mike, I just wanted to share good news/progress with you. I did end up getting that Amazon Alexa job I had asked you about. Now anyone in the world who asks they're Alexa assistant what the "Word of the Day" is will hear my voice teaching them a new vocabulary word. Any success I experience is due in large part to your patient help and instruction. I just wanted to thank you again, and I hope that your new house is gradually beginning to feel like a new home. Sincerely, Blaise

Blaise A. - ME

SUCCESS UPDATE: Hey Leah...I did it!! Got my first gig recording a couple of voicemails (in-house and after hours) for a local digital marketing firm. Upwork client did not post a script, so I submitted a voicemail greeting that I had from a previous unsuccessful proposal. Client liked my voice, sent me their scripts, and hired me before hearing a sample. I delivered their audios the next day, they gave me a great review, and they are interested in hiring me for some upcoming animated videos! Been regularly auditioning for work on Voices, and while I haven't scored a gig yet, I am getting likes! Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Thanks for all you've taught me (so far...) and thanks VFA!

Have you ever heard a VOICE in your head that said, "I've always wanted to try my hand at voiceovers"? Next time, say it out loud with Voices For All! I finally listed to that voice, and after my Intro Class with Aaron, whose enthusiasm and talent really fueled my interest, I could not wait to start the Master Classes! Master Classes with Leah were inspirational; her talent and experience, as well as her innate ability as an instructor, brought out more ability in me than I initially thought I had. Her guidance in the technique and business side of voiceovers was invaluable, and as importantly, she became a friend - I always looked forward to our Friday afternoon sessions. My conversations with Sherril were always informative, her enthusiasm and ability to be "the answer grape" were greatly appreciated. Kristie's attention to detail was always evident in the assistance she provided. The task at hand is auditioning, and I feel that my experience with Voices For All has prepared me well. Thank you!

Sherri J. - IL

Hello, I wanted to leave a Testimonial for Everyone at VFA, starting with my first contact an one night class Instructor' Bob Evans,' and 'Sherill Stewart "my first real contact with guidance and support to signing up for Master Gold Class. Then the Ace of the team was my Personal Instructor "Lori Hauser", she was FANTASTIC! Thank you "Lori" for your expertise , patience, guidance and help all through my training, You were My Rock, Never gave up on me, along with My "Guardian Angel" of the Tech Support family "Jeff Wildersmith". who's Tech support services have been nothing short of Phenomenal , Thank You! Kristie Lambert you have been outstanding in your help with getting my Equipment to me, and answering questions, regarding equipment etc. I will Always be grateful to you ALL , there at Voices For All, for making it possible for following my heart into this next chapter of my life. Sincerely, Beverly Turner

Beverly T. - CA

I have really enjoyed my Master Class experience through Voices For All! The professionals I have met and worked with have been top notch. Jeff showed such patience as my tech adviser. Technology is not my strong suit yet he was able to help me get my equipment set up and taught me how to use Pro Tools. Trust me, this was no small accomplishment! My husband and sons listen to me discuss my equipment and Pro Tools with a sense of wonder. Jeff frequently got me back on track when things went awry. Lori is an awesome professional, instructor, and all around beautiful person. I have learned so much. Thank you all for a great experience.

Cynthia P. - FL

I've learned so much about the business. More than I ever could have on my own. Leah is great to work with and really cares about her students! I'm excited to step into this new adventure as a voice talent.

Kristi S. - IL

Great experience. Mike Elmore was awesome and I look forward to working with the VFA team in the future. I am up and running now, submitting for jobs almost everyday. If you're looking to get a jumpstart on your future career or "side hustle" this can be it.

Justin William P. - CA

I have recently completed the VFA Gold Class which I found thoroughly stimulating. From my very first contact with VFA representatives I have found your organization and staff to be highly supportive and professional. Having first considered voiceover work some 25 years ago (and having been quickly discouraged by the seeming impossibility of breaking into this field), it is clear that your organized educational component, professional coaching and ability to supply equipment, software, demo tapes and the essential "how to" information to get started has been the missing ingredient. A special thanks also to my coach Aaron Fischer for his insights, good humor and flexibility in scheduling our sessions. Now, as they say, the rest is up to me. When I begin soliciting voice work, I'll certainly be sharing any success stories with VFA! Best regards, Howard Bodner

Howard B. - CA

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