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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


Before I committed to my Silver Master Class education, I was worried about what I was getting into. There are many snake charmers in all kinds of businesses, and taking steps to learn voice-over classes was new territory for me. However, in every teaching moment along the way, from the initial evaluation of my voice to my final class with Aaron Fischer, everything was as good as I was told it would be. Voices For All, the study material, the instructions, notes, insights, the way the education was handled, the equipment purchased, and especially the tutelage by Aaron Fischer were first-rate, from the beginning to our final class. The education was more than expected, and there was always help along the way if there were questions or something I did not understand. Everything was handled in a professional and exceptionally knowledgeable manner. I can't say enough good things about Fischer as a tutor and guide through the program. Fischer has an abundance of VO experience and keeps up with trends in the industry and just seems to do everything right. He is patient, kind, and knowledgable in a variety of categories, from YouTube videos to pinball machine expertise. Not to mention his well-rounded knowledge in other fields, from drones to carpentry. Thank you VFA, Aaron Fischer, and all the techs I emailed when I needed a quick response or an answer to an HSA question.

Andrew T. - WI

What an amazing experience I took the gold master class with Eliska Hahn was my voice coach, and she was the best! I feel so confident going out into the voice over world because of her!! The school was excellent communicators, and my equipment is top of the line and came to my house really fast. Support is always there when you need them. Resorces are always available when I need help as well. When I come across someone who wants to get into voice over this is the first place, I will refer them too! Thank you Voices for All for everything I've learned so far.

Pam F. - MI

Before I started my Master Classes, I was a little unsure of how this was all going to go, but I am very glad I did! The support and information coming from Voices For All was great and really helped move me forward to what I hope is a new and exciting activity for me!

And I loved my classes with Eliska! She is the best! She really cared about me and how I was doing and very supportive all the way through my demos!

I haven't gotten my first "gig" yet, but looking forward to success!

Thanks for all of your support!

Bonnie P. - MN

VFA provided me with a solid foundation for my journey into Voiceovers. My coach Aaron Fischer was an excellent teacher, and made me feel comfortable with my technical and voice training.

Len M. - NJ

I recently graduated from Voices for All's Master Class and I was very happy with the instruction and content of the course. My instructor was Eric Smies. Eric was professional, very knowledgeable and a great person to work with. I am new to voice acting and this course was very comprehensive. I learned much more about voiceover technique, work and the business of voiceover than I expected. I would highly recommend Voices for All to any beginner and even those who have been working in the business and want a refresher.

Sincerely, Doug Glowacki Class of 2022

Doug G. - CT

My experience with Voices For All has been amazing. The people here truly want to help you succeed in this industry. My instructor was Aaron Fischer and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to guide me through this course. He is very personable and friendly and has a deep well of knowledge and experience which he is eager to share. He brought out the potential in me that I didn't know existed. I will always be thankful to him and Voices For All for the opportunity to learn and grow as a voice over artist.

Jacob C. - IL

My learning experience from my weekly meetings with Aaron completely exceeded my expectations. I feel armed with all of the training and information I need to kick off a career in the voice over business. Aaron expertly taught the content of the course while also sharing his personal experiences in the business. If you think you have the talent and desire to jump into the voice over field, don't hesitate to work with VFA to accelerate your learning curve.

Craig K. - MN

Aaron Fischer was my voice coach for the Bronze Master Classes. He was knowledgeable, professional and very patient, always answering my many questions every week. I would recommend him highly for other students. Jeff W. was my technological advisor and went above my expectations in every way. He even helped me fix my website when the demos did not work right. Voices for All is a great company, and I hope to add another testimonial soon, telling everyone about my new voice acting gigs. Thanks to all the great people at VFA.

Lesley T. - CO

Good day, I would like to thank everyone at VFA and especially my coach, Eric Smies, who I immediately connected with on a professional level. I liked the way he taught me ways to make my voice come alive incorporating his theater and drama training. He was very enthusiastic and each session seemed to fly by! I gained a lot of knowledge and I am still digesting everything that I learned. If you ever wanted to be a voice actor, please give Voice for All a chance to allow you to be what you have always wanted to be! Thank you!!!

Mark P. - NY

I have completed the Master Class series and have begun to seek and get gigs. My coach, Laurie, was patient, informative and positive, and shared pro tips from her years in the business. The home studio assessment process was thorough and effective. I know my studio is up to snuff, after going through its development with the guidance and help I got from Jeff. But a really important thing is what happens after the sessions are complete— vfa folks are still available for questions and support. I am pleased with the value I got for my investment in my career.

Karen W. - CA

Voices For All made all the difference in getting started! The resources, tools and coaching has put me on the path to success! The staff was always helpful and responsive to questions.

Getting into voiceover is not an easy thing to do and VFA won't tell you anything other than that but they will help you every step of the way!

Thank you so much to my coach! Eric Smies, YOU ROCK!

Michael F. - CA

About twelve years ago, I was told by an instructor in an acting class that I would be good at voiceovers. I had no idea at the time just how it worked. Now, I see the potential that has been created by the digital world. The knowledge I've gained regarding recording and editing is beneficial to me in the music world as well as the pursuit of voiceover work. Having just completed the Master Class, I am still a rookie but I know I have lifetime support. Sessions via Zoom with a voiceover professional can't be beat. I'll be back to give more testimonial when I start landing voiceover work.

James (Jimmy) A. - ND

I was so blessed to get to learn from Eric every week! He is such an excellent coach/teacher/mentor/cheerleader all rolled up into one! No matter how frustrated I was, he was always positive. And the combination of the curriculum and his experience, has given me the tools (and the guts) to start my journey. The engineer guys that had to take extra time with my sound issues were a great help, as well! I don't regret one minute spent getting educated on starting in this business. Thank you, thank you!

Kimberly C. - WA

When I decided to pursue a career as a Voiceover Actor, I realized that I needed help with honing my voiceover acting skills. I also wanted to find someone who was knowledgeable about the voiceover business...someone who was capable of providing guidance and instructions on how to best utilize my specific skills as a voiceover actor.

After a bit of research, I found an on-line Introductory Class on becoming a Voiceover Actor, offered by Voices For All at a local college. I enrolled in the class and my instructor was Eric Smies. Since Eric is an experienced Voiceover Artist, he was very knowledgeable about the business, and answered all the questions I asked. However, I realized that there was a lot more I needed to learn about the in's and out's of the VO business. Consequently, I enrolled in a Bronze Masterclass and I am so glad that I did. There was a lot to learn!

As a Bronze Masterclass graduate, I would like to express my thanks to my excellent coach, Lori Hauser; also, thanks to Mike and the other support staff who helped me pass my Home Studio Assessment. I feel a lot more confident as I move forward in my career.

Mary T. - CA

I completed the Master Class with Aaron Fischer. Aaron is very knowledgeable about the industry and had lots of excellent tips for someone just starting out. He was also patient and gave great feedback when working with me on different readings of various texts.

My experience with Voices For All has been very positive. In addition to Aaron, the tech support and other support services have been excellent. Jeff Wildermuth walked me through setting up my studio, and answered all of my questions. I finished the course feeling confident in my ability to get started in the industry. The folks at Voices For All have also made it clear that if I have questions or need support in the future that I can contact them with my questions. I am very happy with my experience with Voices For All.

Benjamin F. - MN

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