Located in the town of Clifton Park in Upstate New York, minutes from Saratoga Springs, and Albany: the states capital, The Studio at Voices For All offers high quality audio solutions at our sister company, Modern Day Music School's location. Our experienced staff will work with you to produce a superior recording that will exceed your expectations. Our studio's atmosphere will impress the most discriminating clients. Whether you require a simple audio recording in a controlled environment or an entire radio spot complete with custom compositions, mixing and mastering, we are your destination. We encourage you to contact us to learn more.


Most people are unaware that there really is more to the studio experience than just the technical components. At The Studio at Voices For All we have high end equipment, but more importantly, you will feel the professional, pleasant, and what some call the pampered experience that we are so proud to offer. The cleanliness of our entire facility and the relaxing environment is very conducive to the creative process. Outside of the control room and booths we have break away areas to change your environment for conversation, to work through ideas, or to just recover and recharge before continuing with your session. We are confident that you will very much enjoy your entire experience here at The Studio at Voices For All.



We can produce and/or engineer your entire project from start to finish leaving you with a professional, polished product that you can be proud of.

Voiceover Production

Our company specializes in voice over production. VFA also offers both introductory and master level training in voiceover artistry. We are committed to offering the most comprehensive and relevant training and production in the industry. We also offer a large pool of well-trained professional voiceover artists to help you with your project if the need arises.

Video Sync

We are able to provide audio to video synchronization for your visual media.


Our studio provides post-production for motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, videos and audio recordings. We target the following processes after the actual end of shooting and/or recording of a completed work.

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

Editing the soundtrack

Writing and recording the soundtrack music

Sound effects/design

Radio Production

The combination of our expert staff and diverse talent database made up of well-trained professional voice over artists allows The Studio at Voices For All to produce radio station spots/tags, commercials, jingles and any other radio station media to fit your station's needs.

Sound Design

We also cover all non-compositional elements of a film, a play, a music performance or recording, computer game software or any other multimedia project.

Podcast Recording

Podcasts are extremely effective ways of advertising and communicating in the digital world. Let us provide you with the proper tools to record and produce your podcast with CD quality audio.


If your company needs assistance creating or embellishing any form of audio media for advertising, instructional/training videos, etc… VFA staff can produce and/or engineer your project to appropriately represent your concept.

Custom Music/Score Composition

It is our pleasure to compose your very own, original, custom music to complement your project.


1987: Paul Benedetti and a partner open the original Max Trax Studios. Max Trax started out as a basement/project 8-track analog studio. The small studio grew quickly, recording many local bands, providing them with a higher quality production than was deemed possible from such a small basement studio.

1991: Paul was often being asked to work on bigger outside projects at a local 24-track studio, rapidly amassing a robust clientele and building production techniques, while gaining experience he would soon put to good use.

1993: Max Trax moves into a spacious new facility in Albany's Mid-town neighborhood as one of the areas first 32 track digital studios, with the area's very first CD Recorder in house. Crews begin a year-long construction project, turning an old school into a new, high-tech facility.

1994: The new Max Trax opens to much fanfare on Quail Street, booking many months in advance, and quickly becoming one of Albany's premier recording facilities.

1996: Interns and associate engineers are trained, one of which quickly becomes the studio's new tracking engineer, with Paul concentrating his considerable experience and skills on mixing and mastering.

2000: Paul takes on larger regional projects, including NYC On and Off Broadway Musicals, allowing for another engineer to take over the day-to-day operations and begin to refine their own mixing abilities.

2003: After 10 years at the Quali St. facility, Paul and his main engineer partner to form the latest incarnation of Max Trax and move the facility to a new location: a Manhattan-style loft on the banks of the Hudson River in historic Downtown Albany.

2005: Paul starts Voices For All, concentrating on educating and training new aspiring voice actors. Post production of all VFA demos and Albany Master Classes are held and completed at the downtown facility.

2009: The Studio at Voices For All is created at the new VFA headquarters. This new space has been tailored to better fit the needs of our students, specializing in commercial and corporate audio productions.

2011: Modern Day Music opens in Clifton Park Center. The Studio at Voices For All becomes Modern Day Studios adding more space for bringing back the recording of music projects including acoustic drums. The studio services will also be extended to Modern Day Music's Private Coaching and Rock School students.

2016: Modern Day Music moves to the HealthPlex Fitness building. Modern Day Studios has expanded into this brand new facility with dedicated Control Room, Live Room and a much larger Vocal Booth.

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