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We are proud to present to you our passionate and talented team of voice acting professionals. Nowhere else will you find a team of voice acting veterans who are so committed to the voiceover industry, and to the education and continued support of our extended family of graduates.

Paul Benedetti, Founder, began his career in the music and voiceover industry almost 30 years ago. Paul has since been very fortunate to work with some incredible artists, such as the Legendary Tony and Emmy Award Winning Star Leslie Uggams, engineering her CD, On My Way To You. Paul has engineered cast albums for the Tony Nominated Broadway Musical, Anna Karenina and the Off Broadway Musical, Thunder Knocking On The Door, also with Leslie Uggams, and music by Grammy Award winning artist Keb' Mo'.

In addition to working with hundreds of musicians Paul has also worked on independent films. He edited, mixed, and mastered the sound for the full length feature film, The Last Round, featuring X-Files star William B. Davis and more recently Hobo Heyseus starring Raymond Turturro and Kenneth John McGregor. Paul opened Max Trax Recording Studios located in Albany, NY, in June of 1994, and has since engineered and mixed projects for hundreds of up-and-coming musicians, numerous TV and Radio commercials, as well as mixing and mastering hundreds of voiceover recordings with many talented voice actors.

He is a well respected veteran of the music and voiceover industry, and is known for getting the best sound out of the people he produces, records, and mixes. His experience and talent are essential to the quality of the productions here at VFA, and to the support of the home studio component for our graduates.  Being in business for many years Paul understands the way businesses work, and that both the staff and clients, as well as the products and services, are all equally important to obtaining a common goal. His main objective in conceiving Voices For All was to provide unparalleled value, education, and ongoing support for its members.

Mike Elmore, Voice Coach/Instructor/Producer, has been a professional Voice Actor since 1983. He has performed Voiceovers for clients such as Stridex, McDonalds, Dodge, T-Mobile, Motrin, Hasbro, TGI Fridays, and All My Children (trailer, ABC). Mike worked in radio all the way from the wheat fields of Kansas, to the major market of Los Angeles, Ca. Mike has also performed as an Actor in a Prime Time TV Series, and toured the U.S. as a musician. He brings with him an incredible collection of experiences and stories, that are invaluable in giving a needed insight to his students. Besides working as a Professional Voice Actor, Mike's passion is teaching Aspiring Voice Actors. He has a great ability to encourage and empower his students to put their best foot forward, and has many tricks up his sleeve to get the most out of everyone.

Check out Mike's VO site at www.mikeelmoretalks.com.

Leah Frederick, Voice Coach/Instructor/Producer, is a testament to the success of VFA training. An alumnae of VFA's Introduction to Voice Acting and Master Class, Leah has provided voiceovers for radio and TV commercials, educational narrations, apps, auto-attendants, and even a Nintendo video game! She's also a featured singer on a solfegge training module and several music CDs for children. However, her real passion is Audiobook Narration. A seasoned narrator, she has recorded over forty audiobooks in a variety of genres including romance, sci-fi, self-help, and children's. As one of VFA's many success stories, Leah's training and experience provide her students with a unique and invaluable perspective into the world of voiceovers. With enthusiasm, energy, and a lot of laughter, Leah's goal is to make each of her classes informative and FUN!

Check out Leah's VO site at www.leahfrederick.com.

Aaron Fischer, Voice Coach/Instructor/Producer has a near obsession with voices. Heavily influenced in his childhood by the popular cartoons of the day, he was mesmerized by the subtle differences between the characters’ sounds and deliveries. Even as a youth, he grasped the fact that tension, joy, fear, excitement, or love could all be conveyed through the manner in which a single word was enunciated. This intrigued him, and from those early beginnings, he was hooked.

Years later, with a family of his own, he found that he could keep his four young girls engaged—really engaged—while reading to them. He gave life to the words on the page and his children were able to see the stories played out in their minds.

In college, Aaron studied computer animation and art, and has a passion for all things that inspire him creatively. He has a love for movies and in his spare time began writing reviews.

As time went on, colleagues and friends encouraged him to look into doing voiceovers as a career. All agreed it was the “obvious” choice for him. Over the last three years alone he has been involved in over 450 different projects ranging from short and feature films, video games, e-learning, cartoons, documentaries and much more. Notable companies such as Amazon and Chevrolet have benefitted from his talents.

Aaron is a graduate of VFA's Master Class and loves to talk about his experiences. He is enthusiastic about the voiceover industry and loves to pass that energy on to his students, with the goal of showing each and every one of them that the field has a great deal to offer. His upbeat and direct manner of instruction fosters an atmosphere of enjoyment and openness.

Aaron's family has been with him every step of the way. He has been blessed with a fantastic wife and is a proud father. In fact, his kids were the inspiration behind his company’s name.

Aaron's VO site can be found at www.neverendingvoices.com.

Lori Hauser, Voice Coach/Instructor/Producer, has been a Professional Voice Actor since 2010, and is a graduate of VFA’s Masters Class.  Lori has been teaching and educating for over 10 years, is a college instructor teaching Criminal Justice and Law in Southern California and also does workshops on Public Speaking. A Success story of her own, she started her Voiceover Career in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she attended the VFA training and three years ago made the move to Los Angeles (Hollywood), where she is taking her own VO career up a notch! 

Lori, a member of SAG/AFTRA, has provided voiceovers for Radio and TV Commercials, Corporate Video Training, apps, animation, and has recorded a radio drama that has been submitted to some of the most elite Independent Film Festivals.  She has voiced commercials for many companies such as Kay Jewelers, Uber and Starbucks. Lori has done narrations for VIEO Corporate Training, National Drug Court Professionals, and AIDS Awareness, as well as radio imaging for 93.1 FM Monster Radio and 95.1 Hooked on Country, just to name a few.

Lori belongs to a group of women called The Voxy Ladies, a handpicked, selective collective group of professional female voice artists representing every genre, sound & niche in the industry.

Lori brings her enthusiasm for Voiceovers and Teaching together in the classroom to provide an exciting and entertaining class each and every time. She passes on that knowledge and enthusiasm to her students, and is eager to show each student there is a place in the VO World for their voice too!

Check out Lori's voiceovers at www.loriannhauser.com

Eric Smies, Intro Class Instructor, has been a professional voiceover actor since 2002 and is very happy to be here with VFA. He grew up in the windy city of Chicago but now calls Los Angeles home. Starting off as a stage actor performing in shows from Shakespeare to Guys and Dolls all across the country, he decided to take a break from the “road” and settle back down in Chicago. Bored and working in an office he heard a friend of a friend on a radio commercial and thought…I bet that would be a blast! He went through a coaching and training program in Chicago, had his demo produced, started his voiceover career and never looked back, enjoying every time he was able to get in the studio and play.

Life and professional experiences have brought him from the stage, to professional tree care, to insurance, to formerly co-owning and running a CrossFit gym, all while keeping a successful and vibrant voiceover career. Over that time he’s done voiceover work for companies like KFC, Subaru, AT&T, Walmart, Public Storage, Best Buy, XBOX, Lifetime Fitness, Culvers and Oscar Myer among many others.

Eric is eager to share his knowledge of voiceover and the industry, as well as his vast array of professional experiences, and to have some fun getting YOU excited about it. Because, really, fun is the name of the game.

Visit Eric at www.ericsmiesvo.com

James Hilliard, Intro Class Instructor, has been a professional Voice Actor since 1998. He began his media career in San Francisco working as a producer for the top news and talk radio stations. It's at those stations that he began voicing promo's, commercials and news content. In the early 2000's, James turned his attention to online media, creating early podcasts and webcasts for CNET Networks. As he continued to find a niche in the high tech space, companies sought out his trusted voice for voice on hold, product demo's, online tutorials, and commercials. Companies such as Connection, AT&T, Intel, LiveDeal, The San Jose Mercury News, Bio-Rad, McAfee and Citrix have all been repeat customers that count on James' professionalism time and again. As one of the newest members of the VFA family, he is excited to teach aspiring voice actors the ropes!

Find out more about James at www.hillyproductions.com

David Lisauskas, Intro Class Instructor, has been teaching and training in some capacity for over 15 years. His voiceover career started from a need in his corporate jobs voicing training videos and phone systems. This led to an interest in the craft, taking classes, getting coaching, and starting his professional voiceover career. David’s love for travel took him, his wife, 2 cats and a Mini Australian Shepherd on the road for a year traveling the US in a 36 foot motorhome. With his home studio setup in the RV he was able to record voiceovers on the road! He has voiced animation products, eLearning, and corporate narration for companies such as Price Chopper, GTM Payroll Services, and Insight Diagnostics to name a few. When not doing voiceover work, David loves to be teaching, writing, performing, and recording music or other digital media for video productions.  

Find out more about David at www.davidlisauskas.com

Harry Legg, Intro Class Instructor, (Yes, it's his real name) is the signature voice of The NBC Sports Radio Network as well as radio and TV stations around the world. He started as an on-air talent at the age of 14 and has moved around the country living and working in eight different cities. His career has taken him to legendary stations in the top 3 U.S. markets of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Harry has held programming posts from Program Director & Music Director to Morning Show News Anchor to On-Air Talent with KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Kiss FM & Energy in Chicago and many more. Before leaving the daily work at radio stations for his own voiceover career in 2006, Harry was an NYC award winning Creative Director and the Image Voice for WKTU, The Beat of New York. Harry is also a partner at Benztown Branding, the world’s largest Radio Imaging and Voiceover service based in Los Angeles and Stuttgart, Germany.

Harry is heard internationally. His clients, both past and present, include stations in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bonaire, Brazil, Canada, Cairo, and many more. Harry’s commercial clients include marquee brands such as McDonalds, Mountain Dew, Kodak, Miller Genuine Draft, NBC Sports, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Spike TV, The Sportsman Channel, and more.

He is represented by Atlas Talent Agency in NYC & LA. Harry’s other passion is martial arts. He is the Owner/Instructor of New Jersey Tai Chi and he represents Master Richard Clear as his Senior Instructor in New York & New Jersey. Harry teaches street level self-defense for real life attacks as well as the health and healing side of internal martial arts. Harry will teach you Vocal Kung Fu so you can Rock The Mic!

Visit Harry at www.harrylegg.com

Heidi Drennan, Intro Class Instructor, began her career in Chicago theater in 1992 and soon after started acting in television commercials. Clients started asking her to do voice-overs for her on camera projects and she fell in love with voice-over work! No hair and makeup, no lights, no camera, just a little room with a microphone and all this freedom to create characters and tell stories with just her voice:) She still enjoys working in front of a camera and continues her work in commercials, television and film, but she is happiest behind a microphone. Heidi’s voice can be heard in radio and television commercials, educational and training videos, animated characters in video games and slot machines, automated phone systems, and audiobooks. Commercial voice-over clients include Wendy’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Purell, Harley Davidson, John Deere, Dunkin Donuts, ULTA Cosmetics, Solo Cups and Caterpillar Trucks to name a few. Over the past 20+ years Heidi has watched the voice-over biz grow into the wide reaching industry it has become today. She brings her insight and passion as a veteran voice actor to her classes, introducing her students to this always growing and exciting industry!

Visit Heidi at www.heididrennan.com

Christine Myrick, Intro Class Instructor, had a dream twenty years ago about becoming a voiceover artist and hoped she would have the chance to make that dream a reality.  Five years ago, she made the brave leap.  A Chicagoland native, she now serves clients all over the world with her engaging and warm voice; having worked on thousands of projects such as commercials, videos, e-learning and training, audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts, video games, cartoons, animation and character voices, kids projects, and more.  

Christine has a musical theatre and acting background; having acted in musicals, plays, commercials and extras work for major motion pictures filmed in Chicago. She is also a singer; having sung lead in her own band, session singing for other’s CD and live projects, and can sing in character.

She is a wife, mother of 3, and during the day, she is the principal voiceover artist at Voice of Reason Studios.

Visit Christine at www.VoiceofReasonStudios.com

Sherril Stewart, Director of Admissions, is a Voiceover industry veteran who has consulted with and guided thousands of aspiring voice actors.  Sherril, a voice actor in her own right, has first hand knowledge of the many ins-and-outs of the voice acting business. She is very knowledgeable regarding the VO industry, and if you are lucky enough to speak with her, you will see why everyone loves her. If you have questions, Sherril has answers. She really wants to see everyone realize their dream of being a voice actor, and she goes well out of her way to do whatever she can to make it happen. Known for being caring and compassionate, Sherril is a favorite of many of our Master Class Grads.

Alicia Midgley, School & Student Representative, comes to Voices For All after recently having a beautiful baby girl! She hales from the corporate world offering innovative ideas to build and expand our relationships with a variety of educational Institutions. Alicia strives to welcome each new student personally and answer any questions they may have as they begin their journey into the world of voiceovers. She is ready to assist students and offer administrative support to schools in any way needed to achieve top notch service. Alicia has a positive and inviting nature encompassed with stellar organizational skills. She is a great asset to the VFA team.

Kristie Lambright, School & Student Representative, may not be a voice actor, but she helps people learn more about the world of voiceover by planning dates for our Introduction to Voiceovers classes at schools across the country. She also enrolls students into our One on One classes, keeps our calendar straight, and takes care of the small details that keep VFA running smoothly. Mother of two, aunt of many and friend to all, Kris is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet even if she is just a little bit shy.  She is an indispensable asset to the team. 

Paul often refers to Kris as "my right arm", a position Kris hasn't quite figured out how to include on her resumé, but one that she highly enjoys.

Casey Rose, School Representative, keeps everything flowing smoothly with our long list of Colleges, Universities, and High Schools around the US. Casey serves as a liaison between Voices For All and our education institutions in which we teach our "Introduction to Voice Acting" class nationwide. She is known by the VFA team as being very easy to talk to, and very down to earth. If you speak with Casey, you will see why she has so many fans. Upbeat and pleasant are two words that immediately come to mind when describing her personality.

Marilu Benedetti, Financial Administrator, handles all of the financial related tasks for VFA. Marilu is the wife of VFA Founder, Paul Benedetti, and has many years experience running a multi-million dollar company. Retired from her full time management position to raise her children, she then came to VFA to oversee and assist with all of our financial needs. Marilu is fastidious in all that she does, and is very conscientious of not only our team members and VFA as a whole, but also of each and every vendor we work with.  It is so great to have her as a part of the VFA family.