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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


Wow - what an awesome experience! Where else could one possibly get this level of 1:1 with a superb professional who is caring and fun and so easy to work with. I actually didn’t want the experience to end. I learned so much and am hoping I do justice to this wonderful profession. Thanks to everyone at VFA - y’all rock!

Sandra D. - MN

I want to say a big thank you to all the faculty at Voices for All. My voice coach Eliska was brilliant! She is a true professional, informative, fun, and is so supportive! I booked a few gigs prior to graduating my Master Class, truly because of the teaching and guidance Eliska gave me. If you apply what VFA teaches and put the work in, you’ll succeed. I also want to shout out Cam for being the reason why I even stepped into this program, Sherril for her words of encouragement, and last but not least Jeff for his patience he is a top lad! Thank you VFA for giving me the confidence, knowledge and respect that I can now walk this path as a voiceover talent.

Manisha M. - CA

I have just completed my Gold Master Class through Voices For All. When I decided I wanted to pursue work in the voice over industry, I thought; how hard could it be? I figured I just needed to learn how to find auditions and I would be all set. I took the introductory class with Cam Cornelius and began to understand that I did not know, what I did not know. Clearly if I was going to do this for real it was going to take some work. It has been my experience in life that most things worthwhile generally are. I signed up for the Gold Master Class. It was $5,000.00. I have found very few things on line that are actually worth $5,000.00. I am delighted to say that this class is! Eric Smies was assigned as my coach. Hit the jackpot here. Eric was fun, interesting, insightful, and professional. I realize that is a lot of things, but he is. There are specific lessons to be conveyed throughout the 27 weeks. Eric did that in a clear and interesting manner. Eric did not just convey the information, but as well adjusted and adapted throughout to make the information very applicable for me specifically. When I struggled a bit on some of the technical aspect of Pro Tools, Eric arranged for me to have some one on one time with Jeff Wildermuth the studio tech. Jeff, who is brilliant, is also professional, and like Eric, has a real and genuine desire to help students to be successful. I have my home studio set up. My website is set up. I have already submitted my first audition. I know now where to find more auditions. Voice For all, specifically Eric and Jeff, gave me all of the tools needed for success. Well almost. The last pieces to the puzzle are, hard work, confidence, determination, and talent. These are components that only I can bring to my journey. And even though these are things that I must provide, Eric did an artful job of making me aware of the road ahead and getting me ready to be successful on this journey. Special thanks to Eric Smies, Jeff Wildermuth and all of the staff and leadership at Voices For All. I am confident in my future in this industry because of what you all do. Thanks for everything!

Jerry W. - MN

Just finished up the master class last week. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Mike. He was very helpful and gave me great tools to be successful in the VO biz. Did my first audition last night and plan on continuing to get after it until I get that first gig! I feel confident and hopeful it won’t be too long as Voices for All did a great job of preparing and giving me the roadmap to succeed.

Errol S. - MD

I have just completed the Master's Course and want to enthusiastically thank everyone at Voices For All. My instructor, Lori Hauser, has been wonderful! Her knowledge, talent, kindness and overall care for my growth has been inspirational. The technical staff, who patiently helped me get my home studio to a professional quality sound, are amazing. I've appreciated the work of the administrative folks who shared information with me about the progress of other students. It's like having your own cheering section! While I'm just starting out, thanks to the course, I've already completed three audiobooks and am currently recording a fourth. I recommend this program whole-heartedly.

Martha W. - IL

I graduated this past July from VFA's Master Class and have nothing but praise! I had no idea where to start, but their friendly support team helped me every step of the way. They were always available to answer my questions and even spoke with me directly over the phone. Thanks to that, I was able to enter the course with a positive mindset.

My coach Eliska Hahn was equally fantastic! I had no prior acting experience, yet her instruction was very easy to understand. She offered both constructive feedback and positive reinforcement, so I never felt discouraged. I enjoyed each lesson and feel confident in my future career. In addition to support post-graduation, VFA's available resources are a goldmine of information! I highly recommend Voices for All to anyone considering a career in voiceacting.

Jessica L. - NJ

The whole experience of the Voices For All program was fantastic, from the introductory classes to the one-on-one coaching, the equipment discounts, the studio evaluation (of my recording setup), and the depth of materials that were shared (which are incredible reference materials that I have come to rely on.) The whole team is friendly, professional, and very interested in the success of the students. Highly recommended and many thanks!

Curt V. - CA

I am most pleased with the education, instruction and orientation that I received through Voices For All! My individual instructor (Aaron Fischer) certainly knows his stuff and his years of experience in this industry contributed significantly to the overall knowledge that I received in the process of my training. I am a retired NASA contractor and I am really looking forward to a fun and rewarding new career as a VFA trained (and supported) Voice Over artist!

William K. - TX

Gold Package was absolutely worth the time and cost! Landed some gigs before the class was over, and felt totally prepared to take on the challenge!

Dennis T. - CA

The experience with Voices For All has been top notch from the start. Everyone has been extremely respectful, professional, and supportive. The process of getting started was seamless. And my voice coach, Lori Hauser, is fantastic. In addition to her helpful tips to improve my delivery, she provided outstanding guidance in the business & marketing aspects of this profession. I'd also like to thank Jeff Wildermuth for helping me set up my home studio and configure Pro Tools software. Last but not least, the equipment that I purchased from Voices For All works great. The adventure has just begun!

Mark L. - ND

I could not be happier with my decision to pursue enrolling into my Masterclass for my voice-over training with Voices For All. I loved the fact that VFA offered one on one classes, allowing students to get more in-depth, individualized training. My coach, Eliska Hahn, is THE BEST vocal coach and anyone who gets enrolled with her is extremely lucky. She is such a wealth of knowledge and I can confidently say that I was beyond prepared for starting my career upon graduation. She was more than welcome to answer any and all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were. I would recommend Voices For All to friends, family and anyone who wants to break into the voice acting world.

Christine R. - NJ

Voices for All has truly been essential in kickstarting my voiceover career. A little over a year ago, I only had hopes and dreams to one day get back into acting. Now I have a fully equipped home recording studio, professional demo reels, agency representation, knowledge from many sessions with professional VO coach Lori Ann Hauser, contacts in the VO industry, resources to help if I get stuck in audition purgatory, as well as a company (VFA) to turn to if I should have any questions in the future.

Truthfully, I couldn't ask for anything better! I have mostly completed my VFA training, and now it is up to me to use the knowledge and resources at my fingertips to carve out a name for myself in voiceover. I have never felt more ready!

If you are looking to get started in voiceover and you aren't sure where to begin, Voices for All would be a great place to start! They usually have a discount on their Introduction to Voiceovers course, so you can always test the waters first to see if VFA is right for you, but for me they were just what I needed.

I can hardly wait to see where my new VO career takes me! Thank you, VFA!

Celestia B. - MO

The Master Class has proven to be a fantastic experience for me. The individual attention and support that I received from my mentor was the most impressive aspect of this course. I felt supported and encouraged throughout the process! I am ready to start my voiceover career and have all that I need(technique and equipment) to become successful. Thanks Aaron and VFA for all you have done for me.

John C. - CA

I could not be happier with the voiceover training I received through VFA. From performance techniques, to technical recording and editing, to how to build and market my voiceover business - the curriculum covered it all, and my talented and experienced professional coach Lori provided me with all the support and encouragement I could ask for, every step of the way. If you're serious about working as a voiceover actor, it's absolutely worth the investment. One week after finishing the program, I'm already starting to get callback auditions!

Jodi H. - CA

Good Day. I had Mike Elmore as my instructor & he was excellent. very knowledgeable & took the time to answer any questions I had...anytime. Mike was patient with me & encouraging. Thank you for a wonderful experience & look forward to an exciting future in the Voiceover field. Vinny...Vtsvoiceproductions

Vinny S. - CA

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