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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials



 I hope this message finds you doing well. I'm doing fine and very busy.  I wanted to let you know that I was selected to be the voice of the company I work for.  This is a corporate firm statewide and international.  I submitted recording sample of my voice to the script provided by the IT Manager in our San Francisco office.  I'm not sure how many tried out but I know it was a few.  Anyway I got a call this morning that the Planning Committee selected me to be the voice for all of the 25 offices.  I just wanted you to know that I am still moving forward and pressing towards being in this wonderful world of voice over.  This will be my 3rd architectural firm I've done voice over for.    I'm so excited and I wanted this position really bad. Guess what I read it in one take!

SUCCESS UPDATE: Dear Ms. Thayer,

Earlier this year I was asked to do a narration regarding a presentation for the firm I presently work for.  I've also have done some voice mail greetings for a couple of businesses out of state.





My first time doing any voice over work is when I did some narrating for 2 of the architectural firms I've worked for regarding job presentation's.  I also did a voice mail incoming and outgoing messages for a company located in Philadelphia.  My most recent narration I did is for the present architectural firm I work now.  I was asked to narrate for a job presentation which they landed the job. The narration for the presentation opened the door to my very first radio commercial which will run for a month on 3 major radio stations in Los Angeles, CA.   I'm so excited to be moving forward and doing what I really want to do. 





Andrea, thanks again for all your support and believing in me that I can do this. 

Denise M. - CA

I took the intro class mostly out of curiosity. When I learned I could work from, combined with VFA's encouragement that I could succeed at this, I decided to go for it. In the Master Class Eric Hunt's knowledge was impressive and his assistance has been very helpful. The Master Class book is proving to be a thorough and practical guide directing me in developing this pursuit and find starting points as I move forward. I am excited and eager to pursue this endeavor.

Frieda S. - IL

I spent ten years behind a cash register hearing "That's some voice you've got there." and "You should be on the radio!" all the while thinking to myself, "What do they know? nobody wants to hear me, besides I can't do that, you've got to know someone to get into radio, and voice over work is all done in New York and Chicago." Then one night at the store while flipping through the local parks and recreation winter schedule I saw the VFA Intro class (for probably the third time in as many years) and finally decided to see what it was all about. I went in that night expecting to learn that I'd have to relocate, or spend years in training, or was wasting my time; but I got none of that, Bob was very friendly and made the whole thing fun. I learned what the business of voice over really was, how it worked and how I could become a part of it. Bob answered every question we had and laid out the financial start up cost and potential vs. probable gain in a frank realistic manner, this was no "Sign up with us and you'll soon be rich and famous!" speech as I had feared it might be. A few days later I was contacted about my voice evaluation and promptly signed up for the master class in Seattle (which turned out to be in Bellevue, but close enough). Those few days and the included recording session were probably the most fun I've ever had. Mike went through the material quickly, but always had time to clarify a point when needed; he laid down the basics and let us run with it, herding us back on track when we got too far off course. He taught me to speak with feeling, and then more feeling, even if I think it's the wrong feeling, I mean I gained the ability to listen to direction and really try to dial in on what's being asked for. Finally, most of all, I gained confidence, a belief in myself and a feeling that I really do have something to offer that other people would be interested in; and no one can put a price on that. So finally we come to the followup support, the real value of Voices for All. I know it's only been a few months and I haven't had many questions for the staff here, but when I have needed help they've been here, as I'm writing this I'm awaiting feedback on the sound quality of my new recording space and tips for improving it. In the end I suppose all there is to say is; VFA is there, and VFA cares, because my success is their success.

William C. - WA

Initially, I only took the beginner's class to cure some boredom. It was so much fun, that I signed up for the advanced course. What a great group of instructors and students. I never imagined I would actually start thinking of voiceovers as a possible career choice! Voices For All has a passionate group of instructors for teaching about the voiceover industry, and they do it well. They really love their work and believe in the business, which is so uncommon in the typical 9-5 job.

Nate S. - OH

What a great voice you have! Heard that? I DID! Got the bug to be a voiceover artist but wonder how to start & what you need... where to look & how to do it? THAT WAS ME! Can you receive what you absolutely need in one weekend from the VFA Master Class? YUP!!!!! Can you possibly retain it all once you step out the door? NOPE! But VFA knows that from experience! That's why the weekend class is optimal for anyone with a life! Andrea Langworthy covers every relevant topic and excavates from deep within you every conceivable emotion you could have about toothpaste & OK!...How about chocolate! She psychs you up, gives you practice, directs you through your studio session. Presto! Your edited tracks with music are completed and up on your very own website in no time! And you sound like a pro!!! It all comes with a takeaway workbook let's call it the "Voiceover Bible" & and a priceless promise---VFA will be there for you forever! Now, its only been 3 weeks, but I BELIEVE!!!!!!!! 

Christine F. - NJ

I attended a VFA Masters Class in March 2010, and was very impressed with the comprehensive education and practical application tips received to begin a voice acting career with confidence. I highly recommend the Masters Class for anyone interested in a voice acting career. It is a must do!

Pete H. - OR

SUCCESS UPDATE: My first gig was offered to me just a few days after the demo's were posted and my equipment was set up.  I found a posting on craigslist asking for a female voice over for a hair salon.  I submitted a link to my demo's, and then went about my day.

I was so estatic when I got an email later that night saying that they wanted to use me for their Hair Salon Video!  I was literally jumping up and down in my seat with excitement and amazement!!! My first VO gig, and so soon!  We worked out the terms over email, he sent me a script.  It was recorded and edited it that same night, sent off as a wave file, and two days later, my salon commercial was on You Tube!  And true to their word, I received payment in the mail just a few days later.

I can't wait until my internship is over and I can devote more time to Voice Over.  I want to work on my animation/gaming/ character demo, and have been developing some distinct 'voices'.  I also want to start submitting myself for more gigs, to agents, and to studio's and companies.  

I'm certain that more success stories are sure to follow!

Many thanks to all of you at Voices for All for giving me the training, encouragement, and a great demo that really puts me out there as a professional.

Heather G. - CA

Voices for All (VFA) training was an outstanding experience! As a retired teacher and trainer I appreciate instruction and instructors that energize, encourage and educate. Eric Hunt, our VFA leader did all of that every moment of our sessions. The materials were easy to follow and comprehend, the guidance was professional in its demands and support, and the interactions we had with one another created a bond of trust that allowed each of us to maximize our time in class. I am grateful for my association with this outstanding company and heartily recommend them to anyone interested in exploring a new career path in the voiceover industry.

Henry K. - CA

Hi my name is Jeff T. and I recently took the masters class in Seattle. It was by far the best class I could have taken for getting my foot in the door for voice overs. The class was well put together and and the professionalism was great. I also thank VFA for the great quality of my voice demos that I did with them after the class. On that note then I am very happy I took the class and to anyone who is thinking about starting voice overs I would recomend Voices For All. Thanks again for the tools and knowledge that came from the masters class.

Jeff T. - WA

Wow, what a wonderful opportunity and adventure this has been and continues to be for me! I had always received compliments on my voice as a trainer and presenter. When the Voices For All Introduction class came to my town, I decided to attend, just to get an idea about the voiceover field. When we had an opportunity to do a reading and I received my very encouraging and complimentary evaluation, I knew I had to continue to the Master Class. I am very fortunate to have had Mike Elmore as the instructor for the Introduction and Master Class. He has been very inspirational and so informative and what a wonderful and knowledgeble coach he was in the studio! This journey has been filled with nothing but great support, encouragement, and communication from Voices For All. My conversations with Courtney and Levi have been invaluable and so appreciated. I was definitely hooked during the studio time. With Mike's great suggestions, this exhilarating experience resulted in professional demos that have been very useful. It has been a wonderful and positive path to a new and fulfilling career. Thank you so much to Voices For All for your continued encouragement and support and welcoming me to your family! 

Julie D. - CO

SUCCESS UPDATE: I am really thrilled about my budding voice over career! I spent a few weeks learning to use my Home Studio. It takes awhile to learn the fine points of editing, but I am improving all the time! One way I've honed my skills is by doing lots of auditions for jobs on voices.com. I also worked my first full day for a company called Digital Education Productions. They create a series of ESL teaching DVDs called "Easy: The ESL Series." I love the flexibility of the work, and it is very gratifying to be paddling my own canoe. I'm working on my New Yawk accent.....unearthing it from my growing up years in New Jersey.

I'm working on creating promotional materials, doing lots of networking, and donating my services to a local school auction, as well as bartering, to get my name out there! I've never had more fun while working in my whole life! Thank you for the excellent training, and the invaluable follow-up support.

 SUCCESS UPDATE UPDATE: Hi Again Wonderful Teachers! I just had to tell you the good news. After 300 or more auditions, which really honed my editing skills, I landed and completed a job for an animated healthcare video for the Los Angeles Unified School District. The job was offered through Sodium Entertainment. I worked hard on it and am really excited to be working in my new field! Thanks to all of you for nurturing me through the early stages of this satisfying new venture.

Dear VFA,  I took your Master Class in late November in San Jose, California. I was extremely excited to get started in my new career, so I ordered my equipment from Martin and started setting up my studio. I've had a few delays due to needing to upgrade my Mac operating system and my lack of computer savvy, but Courtney was right there for me every step of the way. I am thrilled to have just recorded my first test MP3. I can't wait to start doing voice over jobs. I've never had more fun (while working) in my entire life! Thanks to all of you at VFA. You are truly top notch!


Sande A. - CA

Wow, what an adventure! I was first exposed to Voices for All at an intro class in Fresno California and figured to give it a try. The Masters Class, four months later in San Jose, was exciting and wonderful; great group of people, lots of support and Eric was informative, entertaining and very professional as our instructor. Everything associated with VFA has been FIRST CLASS. Now the demos are done, studio is being put together and contacts are being made. Look for me soon in the "success updates". If you're considering a full or part-time voiceover career you've come to the right place. With all the tools and support provided, I say, "Join the family!"

Tim M. - CA

The VFA master class with Eric Hunt influenced my decision to pursue a career in voice acting.

Tara S. - CO

Hi Everyone! It was my husband who saw the local college was having an "Introduction to Voice-Over" class. I had mentioned that for years I had wanted to do this. So ... last September (or was it August?) I joined the small class at Mesa Community College in Arizona to listen and learn from Mike. I was totally absorbed! So when February this year came around, I found myself in San Jose where once again I sat "glued" to every word. This time it was Eric who was taking the class; and what a great class of people it was too. My dream came true when I went to the studio to record my demos! Eric, you were a very patient person to take direction from. What a fabulous sense of humour and wonderful tutor. I've not managed to get my studio up and running yet but thinking positively (as always), I know I will just as soon as I can. Eric, Mike and everyone at VFA. Thank you so much. You are truly "THE BEST".

Jan L. - AZ

SUCCESS UPDATE: Finally landed my first gig! A 30 sec TV spot for a vision center on a local station out in Arizona. Videographer Nathan P. says there will probably be follow-up work as well, which is potentially good for us both. What a great feeling to get started after so many auditions! My makeshift studio is working nicely, and I plan to construct a decent recording booth from which to work. Makes me appreciate the carpentry my dad taught me. Thanks again to our instructor Andrea and the whole VFA team. My next goal (besides getting more work) is to create some additional demos, and I plan to take you up on your offer to professionally critique them. My son Adam and I attended the MC together, and he got his first job just a few weeks thereafter. But that's his tale to tell... To everyone else, keep at it! Something will come through, no matter how small, and we ALL have to start SOMEwhere. Best of luck, and thanks again VFA!

For a long time I have enjoyed reading out loud, for my children when they were small, and currently as a Lector in my church. Friends and family would occasionally say I could be an announcer, maybe work on radio, but I thought they were just being kind. While I like making my reading more lively and interesting, I didnt think I had any professional prospects. I was busy enough working full-time (and then some!) supporting my family. Besides, I'm just an ordinary guy, and nobody knows that better than I do. One day my wife showed me a listing for a one-night class at the community college, an Introduction to Voice Acting. Knowing my reticence, she pushed a little and I thought, I can spare an evening for that. Those two hours changed my life! Most of us walk a few byways parallel to our main career path (side jobs, volunteering, etc.), and that night I was shown the start of a new one for me. The class went astonishingly quickly, because it was FUN! Our instructor was energetic and encouraging, and toward the end he coached us as we read and recorded a sample commercial. I came away from that experience knowing I wanted more. I agreed to have my voice evaluated and was contacted about a week later. They assured me that my family and friends were right; I had potential. Signing up for the Master Class was a big step, but I realized it was an investment in my future. How many of us can say they like their jobs? As a mechanical designer and drafter, I enjoy what I do, but I also believe you shouldn't have "all your eggs in one basket". So I could hardly wait for my MC to begin. I could ramble on about the great experiences in those 3 fascinating days, but let me just say that I met a group of wonderful new friends, both mentors and students. Thank you SO MUCH for your sharing! We are family now, and I want to stay in touch. To Eric (for the "Intro" class) and Andrea (my MC instructor), Thank You for your energy and support throughout. And a huge THANK YOU to Paul and Stan (and everyone else!) for bringing to life their vision, VOICES FOR ALL!


Michael H. - PA

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