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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


SUCCESS UPDATE UPDATE: So I'm looking through some old networking contacts and decide to say "Hi" to someone that I have not seen for a while (She owns a web development company). Not two weeks later, I get a note saying that a friend of hers owns a Ski Shop type retail store and they want me be the voice for their next FM Radio Spot. Great, right? Well, then some weeks after that (and my thank you notes and calls to her) she contacts me again and says that she wants to recommend that a client use me as the voice of their company web site. Two jobs came out of one follow up email! I could not do this without VFA and the Resources that you provide to us Master Class Grads!! Many, many thanks!

SUCCESS UPDATE: Hey VFA Friends, I just want to update you on another job that I got - ONLY because VFA helped guide me in how to market my voice! As part of my marketing, I approached a company that makes training videos for the corporate market. After some back and forth, I landed the part of "Mark", the facilitator and narrator in a Software Training Video to be used by at least one Fortune 500 Company. Nice payday too! :-)

John Pruden is a fun, energetic and caring instructor who truly wants you to succeed. He is open to listening to your ideas and learning what he and VFA can do to improve their service to you. Great job with the Master Class John!

Bob P. - OH

The Master Class was so much fun! John was a fantastic instructor. And the frosting on the cake was the recording studio experience - it was amazing what could be accomplished in 2-hours!!! What a thrill to receive my demos and start the process of becoming a pro!

Sharon L. - OR

Andrea, wow, what a great time with lots and lots of information. I appreciate all your knowledge and experience. You really were excited about the subject, the career, and truly interested in keeping us motivated throughout our new careers. I really respect that and am glad I enrolled with Voices For All.

Thank you so much for your time and hard work, as well as your encouragement in class as well as in the studio. I look forward to keeping in touch with you on my progress and hearing from the others in our class. I plan on trying to get everyone together in 6 to 9 months to socialize and share experiences.

Gil Q. - WA

I had wondered, for many years, how one goes about the business of becoming a voice actor. When I saw the Voices For All introductory class offered at my local community college, I leapt at the chance to find out. By the time I walked out of Mike’s class, I was more than just a bit intrigued by the idea of pursuing voice acting as a career. When Levi called with my evaluation, there was absolutely no arm-twisting involved. He extended the invitation to the Master Class and I readily accepted. Yes, I was a bit leery about the cost, but I decided that it was much less expensive than taking all the additional college courses I would be required to take if I wanted to make a complete career change. (How’s that for brilliant justification?) I waited anxiously until the scheduled weekend finally arrived. Andrea was a superb instructor. She covered vocal techniques, expressing emotions in your delivery, how to audition successfully, studio techniques, setting up a home studio, how to create your personal identity…even a six-week marketing plan! I was duly impressed. The class atmosphere was wonderful and supportive, and my classmates were all talented, creative, intelligent, interesting and inspiring. The individual studio session was fun and enlightening, but the absolute best experience was hearing the finished demos a few weeks later! The crew at Voices For All did a fabulous job of producing and mixing. The demos were crisp and clear and very professional. Was that really my voice? Since the class, I have contacted Andrea on numerous occasions and I have always gotten a quick and helpful answer to every question. If you’re wavering making the decision to take the Voices For All Master Class, stop second-guessing yourself and just do it!

M. Elizabeth M. - OH

I could not have been more impressed with the amount of information provided and its presentation. It was educational and enjoyable at the same time. What could be better?! Even with a fear of public speaking, you made me leave feeling like I was already a confident, professional VO artist. Plus, I don't think I have ever laughed so much and so hard in my entire life. Only one weekend I feel that I have a support system in my fellow graduates spanning from East coast to West coast. The support that the company continues to give their students even after "graduation" and the cashing of the checks is truly incredible and a real testiment to the nature of this company and all its employees. Bravo, all, bravo.

Lacey A. K. - PA

After the excitement of the introductory class wore off, I became more than a little cautious about taking the Master Class. However, I’m soooo glad I decided to go! It was the perfect start to my new career in voiceacting! The class was non-stop packed with powerful information. Andrea delved into acting techniques, marketing how-to’s, and how to set up a recording studio in my home. Nothing like making money while in my pajamas! The bond we formed as a class was an unexpected bonus. We continue to support each other and keep each other abreast of our latest progress. The recording session was a blast! The website comes in handy. But it’s the support after the class that solidifies its value. Andrea and Paul are quick to respond to emails and offer all types of assistance. They exude “you can do this� and “here’s how.� It was worth every penny!

Julie R. - WA

SUCCESS UPDATE: I did it! I got my first, real, bonafide, paying voice over job with McGraw-Hill's educational division here in the Northwest. I start next week, and will go into their studio every other week between now and January. Amazing. I really haven't been looking, just volunteering a lot at the radio station. I answered a posting from a free-lance job list over the summer, and they'd already chosen someone. But they've come back and would like me to do the VOs for some animations for an e-learning series on math. Did I mention it pays? Real money. OK, so it's not glamorous, but it's a start.

Thank you, both Andrea and Paul, for your willingness to help me out with the Pro Tools stuff and just general encouragement. Paul, I've finally got my home studio working and will send you a recording later this week to see if my levels are correct. Even though I won't need it for this job, this has given me the motivation to get my studio pulled together and go after more jobs.

I am very impressed with Voices For All. Not only was the Master Class incredibly informative and fun, but the follow-up since then has been fantastic. They've made themselves available, and I believe in their sincerity in wanting us to succeed. Everyone I've met from the organization is caring and knowledgeable, and I recommend them highly.

Joanne K. - WA

From John's Introductory Class, to Andrea's Master Class to Paul's superb technical assistance, I can't say enough for the Voices For All group. The training and support are tremendous and the associations I made in the Master Class will help me throughout my voiceover career. Thanks for all your help.

Ken L. - WA

I truly enjoyed my professional Master Class experience with Andrea and I am exciting about launching a new career in Voice Overs. The support from the Voices For All Team is exceptional and provides me with motivation and confidence in developing my marketing kit and the skills I need to be successful! Thank you Voices For All for helping make my career goals a reality!

Gina Z. - CA

SUCCESS UPDATE: The information in our book about how to use ProTools and the template that sets everything up for us is AMAZING. It took a complicated procedure and made it simple. Also downloaded iTunes to use for MP3 conversions...worked great. I have a lot of practicing to do both with my voice, my mic, and equipment and with ProTools, but you have given me a fantastic start. Thanks. 

"Great class and fantastic direction by Andrea. Thanks VFA."

Lorenzo L. - CA

Thanks to Paul and the entire Voices For All organization for helping me along the way of my dream journey into voice acting! I am incredibly impressed and happy about the nice job you've done with my demo. I looke forward to sharing success story after success story about my budding voice acting career.

Melissa T. - OH

SUCCESS UPDATE: I am pleased to inform you that I just completed the VO for a television commercial, Swimways-Subskate. I am very excited about this because it was for a production company here in NYC. I am also about to start recording the VO for an educational movie and on May 8 I begin a corporate narration for a foreign based company.

Superb! My experience with Voices For All has been fantastic. My new demo is wonderful and the support and follow up from the team has been nothing short of inspiring! I feel empowered to seek out opportunities with a new confidence that I have gained from the Voices For All Master Class. Thank you for your efforts and continued support. I shall continue to seek help and inspiration from all of you!

Keith O. - NY

There aren't enough words to express the level of professionalism, energy, and care shown toward those of us who took the Master Class. It was evident from the get-go (the Introductory class) through to every question or concern following the Master Class that everyone at Voices For All wants to help each individual to become a success!

Diana G. - NY

Very professionally structured and highly informational course. Great job guys!!!

Margarett M. - FL

Thank You Gentlemen and Lady. I feel you have given me a launching pad to start a new career. I feel confident that you will be there at any time to give support and advice. It truly is not a one weekend class and then we will never hear from you again. I feel your sincere interest in our success. The demo sounds great and the guidance you have given are all I need to get started. Now it is up to me. However, I know you'll be there to offer and help when you can.

Bob D. - MI

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