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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


When I was contacted to attend the Master Class, I was excited, yet apprehensive, so I contacted the Community College I had attended for the Intro Class, and asked the adminstrator for any information they had on the Voices For All Group. She got right on it and called me back within a couple of days, and had only good things to say about Voices For All and the Staff. She also contacted former students, and they were ecstatic then and now about having attended. That's all I needed to hear, and now I too am glad I went to the Master Class. The experience was wonderful! Thank you Voices For All staff for your professionalism, care, concern, and for sharing your expertise!

Jeanette B-S. - NE

What a wonderful experience! Voices For All has created a well thought out and comprehensive program that has launched me into the world of voiceover artistry. Everywhere I turn I see endless posiblities! I was even more impressed after listening to my own demo on my website. Now I'm ready to fly on my own! Thank you so much for your encouragement and expertise.

Marilynne P. - CA

What a great class and super people! Thank you! Thank you!

Ruthie P. - PA

My weekend workshop and studio time with Voices For All was entirely professional as well as great fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat, and recommend these workshops to anyone interested in voice work.

Constance M. - FL

For years I wondered how to get started doing voiceover work. Now I have my chance. Thanks for your professionalism, guidance and enthusiasm.

Patti H. - PA

To anyone interested in attending the Master Class, the only thing I can say is DO IT!!!!!!. The staff at VFA is incredible and they really care about you and your talent. I had an incredible time there and learned a lot about the industry and also about my own talents. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my web site and I will gladly fill you in on anything I can relating to my experience at the Master Class. Hope you go for it. Dave Ederer.

David E. - NE

VFA covers all the bases for breaking into the VO world! The program they teach is complete and gives someone just starting out the confidence to get out there and make it happen. Thank you VFA staff for your sincere concern for our future success!

Kelly N. - WA

Just wanted to say THANKS. The demos sound great!!! Wanted to also let you know that I sent the new demos out to a talent agent who was looking for new voice over talents, and they have decided to take me on as a client, on a non exclusive basis. They said they liked the demos very much, and so do I. Thanks again!

Rob S. - CT

I recently attended a Voices For All Master Class in Albany, NY. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. I've attended a Master Class before with a different company, but the Voices For All Master Class was the best. I feel it gave me the tools needed to make it in this industry. They also gave me the steps I needed to do to get started (which I definitely needed after I was left floundering from the other class). My demo turned out great! Thanks to everyone that made it such an enjoyable experience.

Nancy W. - NJ

What has Voices For All done for me? Everything no other master class did. They provided a road for me to get started on, and a direction to travel through their marketing plan and tremendous staff support. I can't say enough about how excited I am to once again be pursuing a voice-over career now that I have a plan - THANK YOU!!!

Randy D. - OH

I absolutely loved my demo and couldn't have expected more from such a professional team of artists who helped make it happen.

Susan Y. - WA

What a great experience! Working with Andrea, Paul, Stan and Brett was exciting. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Verna K. D. - WA

This is the place to start! What a great experience. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to be a voice actor. The classes were great, and the studio demo experience was amazing.

Jennifer O. - NE

You did an outstanding job on my demos! All my friends and family just love them. Thank you!

Stephen S. - CA

I feel I have been given all the tools I need to make my dream of a voiceover career a reality! Thank you VFA Team!

Laura M. - WA

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