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We welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates. See what they think, and read about their experiences with Voices For All from their own personal perspective. Students from all over the country choose to start and further their career in the voiceover industry with VFA, and we are proud to display some of their feelings about us here in their own words, unedited. Some students even choose to send us success updates. Please visit our Success Updates section to view them. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Our Testimonials


A strong foundation is the core of every successful endeavor. John Pruden, my Master Class Instructor, uses his experience and skills to motivate and nurture his voice over/acting students to reach their greatest potential by helping us build a strong foundation for our success. The entire Voices For All Team has pledged their constant support and I am grateful to all of them for being there for me when I needed them; past, present and future.

Sharon A. - CA

I have just completed the voices for all masters class in L.A. and it was a wonderful experience. The class was very informative and gave us all the tools needed to start our voice over carreers. It was money worth spent and I highly recommend voices for all to anyone who is interested in doing voice over work. It was a great experience and I know this is going to be the start of something truly amazing!

To a newcomer, the Masters class may seem like a lot of money but I'll tell anyone...it is worth the investment. This class is essential to anyone who REALLY desires to break into the voice over industry. These teachers are pro's themselves and can give examples, answer questions and work with you on a personal level due to the small class sizes. It is information packed and you leave feeling like a true professional. If you think you have a voice worth investing in...you need to take this class and start your career today! Thank you Voices for all.

Tiffany C. - CA

Great class, very inspiring. John knows the business and is an excelent instructor. The demo is awesome! Thanks for all your support.

Ruth M. - OH

This is truly an exciting day!! I have heard my demos and they are very professional sounding. The classes were informative, enlightening and fun! I am enthusiastic about starting a new career in the voice over industry, and feel confident with the instruction and support I received from everyone at Voices For All to help me achieve my goals. Thank you Andrea, John, Mike, Paul and everyone at VFA!!

Susan S. - CA

What a great experience. The class, and Andrea's instruction, was awesome. And I can't believe that's me on that demo. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Thank you!

Cary G. - AZ

I would like to leave a great big THANK YOU to Andrea Langworthy, Mike Elmore, Paul and the whole crew at VOICES FOR ALL for their tremendous support, encouragement, and for their incredibly thorough master class course which has set me on the path to a career in the art of voice overs. I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with the sort of people and the kind of company that possesses not only the talent and experience in voice over, but the dedication towards teaching the art of voice over and continuing support for the artists that they bring under their capable wings. Because of VOICES FOR ALL, I am well prepared for and looking forward to an exciting career in voice over. I am ever grateful. THANK YOU!

Regina C. - CA

To Andrea and VFA team;

The recent VFA Master Class workshop I attended in Orlando was super! Andrea is an excellent teacher who kept my attention the entire time. I had no idea at the amount of information that would be given and training received. You really opened my eyes to everything we voice actors need to know. Yes, it was quite a bit of money, but a real bargain considering training, materials, studio time and the great demo that is now mine.

I would give the VFA Master Class workshop my highest recommendation.

J G. - NC

SUCESS UPDATE: I am so thrilled about the training at the Master Class. I just got my first Narration job this month and had fun doing it. There is always so much to continually learn to perfect your talent, but I definitely feel better prepared for the job I did, having gone to this class. Thanks!

The class was wonderful and the entire staff were so helpful and professional. I received so much great information to get me started. The package is so complete, that I can't think of a thing they left out. The recording time was really fun and loved working with Brett and Andrea who are very creative. Thanks for the encouragement and being so willing to get me started!

Chung H. - WA

I would like to thank Voices for All for everything. Andrea was a great instructor. The Master Class was educational and well planned. I had a great time. I am very happy with my demo. I can't wait to see what lies ahead. This is something that I will pursue. Thanks for giving me the courage and direction to move forward with my dream.

Andrew A. - CA

Wow! The Voices for All Master Class was a weekend I will long remember. I learned SO much! Everyone was so nice and very encouraging. As an actress, my favorite part was the coaching and recording session, but I at least learned some things about setting up a home studio. I am a total moron when it comes to computers, so I am still a little nervous about recording in my home. The good part, however, is there is help only an email or a phone call away. It is so comforting to know that I have back-up help available when I need it, from people I have come to admire and trust. I don’t know how anyone could even try to go into voice over acting without taking this class! Thanks to all of you at Voices for All!!!

Beth D. - IL

The Voices For All Master Class was a unique, satisfying experience for me. I can't amass enough supearlatives to describe Andrea Langworthy's presence and command as she guided us through the voiceover business from A to Z. In spite of her youthful appearance Andrea has the knowledge of a Sage and the skill of a Master Instructor to impart her knowledge to groups of people eager to learn. She did precisely that...then coached each of the thirteen of us through the recording sessions. I am delighted with the way my Demos came out, and I believe my fellow classmates were equally pleased with theirs.

I've been given an excellent foundation upon which to build a succesful voiceover carrier, and I intend to do precisely that! Thank you.

Ronald B. - CA

Voices For All is more than a business. It absolutely has a family feeling, and so many of the staff members are very caring to your needs and so helpful. Along with communicating with these wonderful professionals who have great knowledge, they also care. Thank you, Voices For All!

Bev L. - IL

Voices for All has been all that it says it is- and more. Never before have I had any kind of training in which the presenters offered to help beyond the training. The staff at VFA has answered all my questions in a timely manner, and with the utmost authority. Believe me, these people are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. You can trust on them to prepare you for an exciting career, and they are always there to help.

Sandra K. - NC

I'm so glad that I enrolled in VFA's Master Class! Andrea is a great teacher and it was so fun working with her! Before enrolling, I didn't know anything about the voice over industry, but after the Master Class I feel completely confident in pursuing a voice acting career. And the fact that VFA provides continued support to their graduates makes me feel secure with whatever career situations/questions that may come my way. Thanks VFA!

Cynthia S. - CA

For a voice guy either with or without a guitar strapped to my back most of my life, I'm having trouble finding the right words to express my gratitude. The intro class at my local community college was so well done I was hooked to invest in the Masters Class VFA offered. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! The level of depth of the class material, the fun in a group learning environment with others peaked in curiosity like me, and the obvious experience and technical support provided by the teacher (in this case John Pruden) and other support staff were well over my expectations. BUT the peace de la resistance' was the recording of my demo. A very professional level studio facility, an experienced engineer and John's incredible script direction made this an all out wonderful experience. My business plan called for two years of development in getting into this business, and I will still work it, but I feel so much more better prepared now! Thanks a million (in voice over dollars that is) VFA!!!

Tim M. - IL

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