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Students occasionally take time out of their busy schedules to send us updates on their progress in the voice acting world. We are proud to display some of those stories here in our Success Updates section. We also welcome you to read the thoughts and sentiments of some of our upper level graduates in our Testimonials section. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Good News!

"Just when things are breaking up, something breaks through" (Whisper)

I got a call from executive John Schumaker from "The West Valley Talking News"

"Julanne, we have a new radio station down here and I have a Lifestyles Program I think will be a perfect fit for you."

He sent me a few demo samples to get a feel for what he wants and I accepted the challenge on Thursday of last week.

Considering the support and encouragement you and your team have given me over the past few years, I wanted to thank you once again. I'm living my dream :)

I will be releasing this press release on my Facebook page :

KRUP radio sun- West Valley Talking News

To air Lifestyles with Julanne

Bringing out the best in people by honoring and celebrating individuals by listening to, and preserving their stories.

Hello friends,

Many of you know I have been writing and recording stories for decades. I am stepping in to the role of the host for Lifestyles with commentary on the radio station KRUV radio sun, a world wide broadcast!

The new online radio station owned by Recorded Recreational Reading for the Blind, Inc. is now available to everyone via the homepage of this website: www.readingfortheblind.org

Look for : KRUVradiosun, the Voice of the Volunteers of the Valley

"Lifestyles" will run and repeat four times a week with a new program every week. Listen on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. With just a click you'll hear Eclectic waves 24/7 a blended variety mix of your favorite music¦ with selected features from The West Valley Talking News.

"Lifestyles" first show airs on Sunday October 1 at 12:05PM

Stay Tuned, and as always, Thanks for Listening!

Julanne D. - AZ

Hey Mike, I just wanted to share good news/progress with you. I did end up getting that Amazon Alexa job I had asked you about. Now anyone in the world who asks they're Alexa assistant what the "Word of the Day" is will hear my voice teaching them a new vocabulary word. Any success I experience is due in large part to your patient help and instruction. I just wanted to thank you again, and I hope that your new house is gradually beginning to feel like a new home. Sincerely, Blaise

Blaise A. - ME

Hey VFA...I did it!! Got my first gig recording a couple of voicemails (in-house and after hours) for a local digital marketing firm. Upwork client did not post a script, so I submitted a voicemail greeting that I had from a previous unsuccessful proposal. Client liked my voice, sent me their scripts, and hired me before hearing a sample. I delivered their audios the next day, they gave me a great review, and they are interested in hiring me for some upcoming animated videos! Been regularly auditioning for work on Voices, and while I haven't scored a gig yet, I am getting likes! Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Thanks for all you've taught me (so far...) and thanks VFA!

Sherri J. - IL

Completed my first invoice to a client. Small job and a first paying job. Was available and known to client via demo and website. Had expertise and background necessary for the 3-4m narration, including narrating questions with already-recorded answers. Worked with a local studio were I live; home studio in my future.

Paul R. - MN

I just landed my first paid gig for a commemorative coin. WHAT A RUSH!!! I have done a few gigs for free, but somehow it seems to be even better when someone offers to pay you for it. I can't remember the last time I was this excited. At last I can really call myself a professional.

Walt H. - WA

I'm so excited. I am in the process of getting my studio set up, etc. In the meantime, I did get a small telephone greeting job with the Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic of Gilroy. I did a trade, so it wasn't real money, but I enjoyed it. The owner was pleased and impressed that I did it in one take!!!! She is happy and so am I. I am looking forward to getting work and getting paid! Thank you.

Patty S. - CA

I signed a contract with the Breakaway Group headquartered in Denver's Tech Center to be part of the narration team. Work will be ongoing for this national company that specializes in electronic medical record training implementation . Orientation and training tomorrow -- I'm jazzed. Thanks for the training and support! This wouldn't have happened without Voices for All. I'm still working to perfect my editing, but I'm getting better all the time.

Cindy P. - CO

I was so thrilled to get my first VO job through Voices.com. It was a very easy process and a fun recording to make. I got hired by an advertising agency in Kingston, Jamaica to record PA announcements for a big launch party for LIME. LIME is a cable TV, broadband, telephone and wireless company that serves the British islands in the Caribbean. Tonight, my voice will be played for guests at the big event, which will be aired on four Jamaican TV stations and on Facebook. I got great feedback from the client: “A pleasure working with her, super professional, amazing voice, very, very efficient! This is great motivation to get out there and look for more work! Thanks VFA for helping me get started!

Michele C. - MA

Eric, I got my first job! It's volunteer, but it's national. It's the radio commercial for the YMCA Twin Cities that they will be sharing with their affiliates nationwide. You helped me revise my cover letter last week. I thought I wasn't selected because I didn't hear back from them on Monday, but this morning I sent my VFA web page with bio and demos AND NOW I'M IN, MAN!!!!

It's a start. Baby steps every day.

Thank you and all at VFA.

Patrick L. - MN

Well, I guess I am now officially a voice over person. Not too long ago I finished the Powerpoint presentation for Florock products. 54 slides, and a happy customer. Sent off the invoice, and just waiting for the check. I really had fun doing it, and am looking forward to other projects, although they're hard to come by. I do want to thank you, Eric, and VFA for the education and help in getting this launched.

Bob R. - IL

Completed an acting gig and VO project for the feature Film SPACESHIP TERROR as the voice of the "Killer Captain" The Movie has gone on to win the Seattle True Independent Film Festival's best picture Kick Ass award, and is currently a success in Japan. Completed an acting role in the feature film 68 MINUTES (still in production). As Dr. Sark. Currently acting in A HARWEN FILM'S production of a feature entitled Grimises Rising As the Grimises Demon. (There is a Page on FB, Grimises Rising)

All of which is a direct result of what I learned through VOICES FOR ALL.

Stephen L. - WA

I was speaking with an attorney, who was helping me with some legal issues, and told him I was working on getting voiceover work. He said he knew the CEO of an agency in San Francisco and wrote an email introduction to her about me. I then filed my headshot, VO demo and resume. Was called to do an audition - which I felt I had blown, but apparently had not. So don't judge yourself, we are usually our own worst critics! Then called in last week for an interview and contract.

This agency was founded 25 years ago by an actress and now employees her son and daughter. They have film and voice over studios in their offices. They are a respected agency in the SF bay area. I hope to get some acting and/or VO work with them and will keep you posted as to what I do land. It is difficult to get picked up by any agency in the area so - it's all about relationships!!

Mary Ann M. - CA

It's been an exciting year for me as I have launched my home voiceover recording services business. After taking the VFA Masters Class this past summer, I started to lay the ground work for my home business. I made some major acoustic improvements to my home studio, established a DBA through my County Clerk office, and launched my business website. I have attended a few local Chamber of Commerce meetings where I have established a few promising connections who are interested in partering with me. For example, someone who has a video production company, but often seeks voiceover talent to complement his video content. I also joined Voices.com and was awarded my first job. It was a simple, corporate outgoing phone message. I've been getting a lot of experience there with the audition process. 2011 was very foundational for me and I expect to grow this as we head into 2012. Thanks to the VFA team for the support with this new phase of my life.

Chris B. - IL

My podcast is www.wellsaidvoiceover.com. Just really playing with it right now, but plan on expanding soon. I am getting ready to record a children's book and will soon be doing telephone messages for a new company the first of the year as well as many voiceover commercials for them. Am really excited about the future and as I told you, I give you great credit for helping me get my studio up and running. I really appreciate all you did for me.

Loretta T. - IL

I recorded my first paying job yesterday. What a rush! It was an internal sales video for a company out of Chicago. They sent me the script early and how I envisioned doing it was completely different from what they wanted. I recorded it with a phone patch and it sure was odd, recording while their creative guy was talking in my ear - but, after editing, it sounded pretty good (at least that's what he told me). Thank you for all your help - it sure got rid of some of the butterflies. But the best part - My career's underway!

Jim A. -OH

I attended the master class taught by Eric Hunt. The class was taught great and I learned so much. There was a lot covered and so much to take in but Eric made sure questions were answered and even brought up some from before. The one on one demo session was awesome and you really learn at that point just how much goes into it. Since then I have lined up some free jobs as well as in the process of finishing a possible paying job. If you are looking to start a great career in voice acting, Voices for All is the right place to start.

Just as an update to my last testimonial I got my first paying gig!

Vega M. - OH

I was invited to audition for a an online training gig through my demos on VFA and after four months of call backs and waiting...I WAS CHOSEN FOR THE JOB! Beyond thrilled, I completed the job a couple weeks ago and received feedback from the client that they were very pleased with my work. Here's the best news...an email last week alerted me to the fact that a second, much larger project is headed my way from this same client! (In the meantime, I have also landed as a member of the VO talent library for an audiobook production company AND am in discussion with a company on the East Coast looking to produce a children's program using puppets!). Courtney and Andrea we're both absolutely critical to my success in this job. Their patience, coaching and encouragement were of immeasurable importance to me. I really can't thank them enough!!

Ellen C. P. - CA

I just finished a job for a media agency which really gave me what I had been hoping for from day 1. I had set myself up on 2 online voice over sites and did many auditions over the last 4 months. I had even been awarded some jobs but the clients never came through. 4 days ago I was contacted through one of those sites that a client wanted me to do a job. And it ended up being for a job that had been CLOSED. I never would have thought that on an audition where the listing had been closed that this would happen. It goes to show that we do not know what will happen when we do stuff today. And it proves that we should keep moving forward at all times. In the end the client loved my first recording and awarded me 2 additional jobs. I accomplished all 3 within the last 4 days and have already been paid. And the really best part is that for 4 hours of my time and a total finished recording time of under a half an hour I was paid at 2 weeks of my salary at my normal job. And the client hinted that this could very well lead to more jobs in the future. It was a GREAT way to finish out 2011. After the San Jose Class in Feb. I have worked very hard to get where I am today and I have VFA to thanks for that. I was given everything I needed to make this a reality. With my drive and passion and the VFA direction I am now doing something I have wanted to do for over 10 years. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!

Aaron F. - AZ

2011 has been a great year! I have had good success with my Voice Over business. The first job I got, was from the sound engineer who was recording my demo's! That was such a wonderful feeling to get my first job before leaving the recording studio. i then did a number of radio spots for my community, advertising it's Downtown Celebration. From there, I did some local radio spots for a school. I have also had success with the Voice Over audition websites and Craiglist. I regularly "voice" some audio learning courses for a client in Arizona. I have been a 'voice" in a short film. My biggest job to date has been the voice of the GDC online game awards show, this past Fall. I have also voiced videos for the internet market and business presentations.

I am hoping 2012 wil be even more successful. Thank you VFA for making this possible!!!

Kate R. - IL

It's funny where life takes you. I had graduated from my VFA master class over a year ago, and at that point was fired up about establishing my new VO career. But shortly after I graduated, a full-time job offer came in and it was just too good to turn down. So I put the VO equipment and aspirations aside, planning for this to only be a temporary deferral. Given my chaotic corporate schedule, eventually the equipment got boxed and put in the basement, and I kept saying to myself, "some day, when things slow down ..."

Cut to: A week ago. My ad agency was coordinating a Medical Minute radio campaign for one of our hospital clients. We were not happy with the radio talent's interview reads, because they were coming off as very "announcer-y," when we really needed a conversational, normal-person feel to mesh well with our VIP medical guest speakers, most of whom have had no voice training at all. I suggested to my creative director that, given my own voice training, he have me re-record the host parts and splice them into one of the existing spots as a comparison test.

He agreed, and in one chaotic weekend, I unboxed equipment, set up my home studio, and re-recorded/mixed the revised spot with new music, using only my VFA binder as a guide. The creative director approved the decision to have me send this test to the client, and everybody agreed that 1) I would be the new voice for these spots and 2) For all future spots, we will have me record both the guest speakers and my host parts onsite at the hospital, including coaching the guest speakers through their reads. Eric and Courtney, as well as the extensive VFA grad site resources, were very helpful in helping me figure out how to make this operation a portable, "one-man recording studio."

Since this Medical Minute campaign will be going on for more than a year, and we have a new guest speaker each two weeks, this will be an amazing experience for me on both the VO recording and production sides. And when our media director listened to my revised spot, she was blown away, and is now keeping me in mind as potential voice talent when she hears of freelance opportunities.

It was more than a year in coming, and totally unexpected since I had (all but) given up on doing more VO work this year, but now I am completely on fire again and excited about getting back into voiceover, both in my day job and in my free time!

Ryan P. - MI

Just finished filming my first full-length indie film and had a blast! I was cast in a supporting role in "Tilt", a drama-thriller filmed entirely in Brained, Minnesota. Go to tiltthemovie.wordpress.com to see the teaser/trailer which was just premiered at Flyway Film Festival in Pepin, Wisconsin. Hope this role will lead to either more film or voice over work. Stay tuned for more info and the release of the full movie in early spring.

Dave V. - MN

"I couldn't of done it with out you..." Thank you V.F.A. for giving me the know how and motivation for landing my first gig! My first client was half way around the world in Estonia. They found me because I took V.F.A.'s advice and ran with it. It was so important to have my home studio up and running.The quality recording methods that V.F.A. taught me really sealed the deal. I mean it when I say that I couldn't of done it with out you. A Million Thanks!

Ryan S. - CA

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that within a few days of publishing my website, I received a job doing the voicemail greeting and prompts for a company out of Tennessee. I spoke to them in length over the past few days and they mentioned that they heard my demos on voices123 (or voices.com cant remember which) and they then contacted me directly through my site instead of submitted an audition request. This shows me that even though you may have your demos on voices and voices123, having your own site is definitely a plus. Many potential customers dont want to pay commissions and have to weed through 50 or more voices for something such as a voicemail greeting. So, having my own, easy to navigate website, has already paid off for me. And my fee has already paid for 6 months of hosting. I would strongly suggest anyone thinking of getting their own site, to do it. Thanks again VFA! I have once again, turned your teachings into profit.

Paul F. - IL

While trying to work through some equipment set up failures I had to pass up on submitting an audition, because I couldn't make the deadline. That was really disappointing for me, because I felt my voice type was perfect for that particular job. Drats! Feeling as if I would never get my VO business off the ground I received a phone call the very next day. I was asked to record an intro for a mega church in the area called Mount Calvary Baptist Church. Every Saturday, they do a broadcast on KDYA Radio (1190-AM) and recently increased from providing three services each Sunday to five services (in order to accommodate their growing congregation of five thousand). The :30 second spot was to highlight the additional services and introduce the weekly broadcast. Needless to say, I was thrilled to get this opportunity for an ongoing message on local radio. Last year (before my VFA grad training) I recorded a :15 sec. radio spot at that church to promote an event. The church media ministry staff remembered me and called me for this new job. A true blessing and a testament of a satisfied previous client!

Marie M. - CA

Have had one paying job, but also did some pro bono work yesterday for a local state representative who is up for election next week. He is a friend, so was glad to do it for him.

Linda H. - IL

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