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Personal On Demand Broadcast; a prerecorded digital presentation of media. 

A Podcast may be the most valuable and unexplored resource in existence for your business.  Podcasts are extremely powerful and effective for advertising and marketing your company.  Using a human voice in a Podcast can be the most personal and persuasive way to present your creativity to an audience and connect with your target market.  Podcasting allows you to broadcast your voice, music, or video on an international level.  A Podcast creates an ideal atmosphere for delivering product demos, updating clients, customers, employees and students, collegiate or company lectures, training a sales team, interviews, or producing your very own radio or talk show.  Podcasting grants you freedom to share any information with the world or your local community.

The quality of your Podcast needs to represent the quality of your services, product, or ideals.  The best way to ensure that your Podcast is professional and appropriate for presenting to the world is to have it produced and engineered in a controlled environment, by professionals.

If you are an expert in your field, and feel you have the experience and education to provide people with a superior service or product, then there is no better person to convey this point to your market than you.  Now, you are only capable of delivering this message effectively in a one on one environment and for a limited amount of presentations per day.  Imagine if you could comfortably perform an extremely well rehearsed, genuine version of what you need to say, in your own words, as yourself, for an unlimited amount of people, as many times a day as necessary without even being there. Huh?  Today’s technology and “real person” voice over trends allows professionals all over the world to pitch their expertise in this fashion with the creation of a Podcast.  For example...

I am a lawyer, and I am competing with hundreds of other lawyers in my local area.  We are all qualified, but my firm has some unique qualities that make us special.  I feel very strongly about this ,pitch these qualities to people every chance I get, and follow up the conversation with a business card.  Other than revamping my newspaper ad (again!), or leasing a billboard, this is about as much as I can do without embracing the digital era we are lucky enough to exist in. So I decide I need more.  Television commercials are expensive and by airing them I am taking a gamble that the right people will just happen to see them at the right time.  I think about radio and realize that it’s the same scenario as television.  I need a Podcast (Personal ODemand Broadcast).  My Podcast will be a real, sincere, believable representation of my personality that will reflect my values and showcase my expertise… and it is so, because the Podcast is a recording of me speaking just as I would to a client… using my own words in real time.  Now I am able to distribute this to potential clients via my website, cd, email, or any other way I choose.  As a result, I am able to give the same pitch, with the same amount of sincerity and energy every time, to as many people as I want, at a time when they feel comfortable listening to it and are not in a hurry to get off the phone or back to work.  I also won’t get burnt out from repeating myself all day long.  So the next time someone approaches me with an inquiry pertaining to my services I can save myself time and money by handing them a cd and letting the “digital me” explain why I’m the expert while I continue to work on the cases I already have.

Your Podcast does not have to match the standards of a Hollywood production.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  Your Podcast should capture you being yourself, explaining your product or service to your market.  It will act as your digital business card.  It’s the only way to guarantee that you are represented properly when you aren’t physically there to do it in person.

Our team of professional engineers and producers at the Recording Studio at Voices For All are ready to assist you.  

Podcast. Smart personal communication in a digital age.