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VFA Live Online Master Class Details

Your Live Online Master Class is personally tailored to you!  This includes Industry, Business, Technique, Marketing, Etiquette, and Home Studio content, and of course hundreds of Resources as well as on-going Creative Support. The LOMC is taught by our Master Class Coaches who are also successful Professional Voice Actors currently working in the VO industry every day.  You will meet live, privately, one-on-one with your VFA MC Coach each week from the comfort of your own home.  In each session you will spend 60 concentrated minutes in a Skype or iChat video conference with your Coach.  (Don’t worry about the technology part, we can help you with that)  Each week you will work with your coach to master the principles slated for that specific session, yet tailored to your own specific needs.  At the end of each session you will be given a little “homework” for the week to prepare for your next session.  This will mainly entail practicing certain exercises and activities to grow your performance ability, home studio and marketing tasks, as well as reviewing our in-depth custom written Master Class Workbooks of nearly 350 pages.  You get to work at your own pace, practice, and evolve from session to session, until you are ready to make your first demo!

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VFA Technique Sessions.  This is the most in depth and comprehensive Technique Education in the industry.  You will learn how to actually sound and perform like a true voice acting professional. The technique sessions are very hands on. You will be working with scripts, developing real-person characters and doing intensive exercises. Through this work you will begin to actually realize your potential. It is one thing to have a good voice; it is a very different thing to know how to perform in the studio.

VFA Marketing Sessions. These sessions are crucial to the success of our students. Even if you have the voice and the technique to effectively perform voiceovers you won't get anywhere until you actually know how to get the jobs. Following a plan is the best way to ensure your success in this new endeavor.  You will receive a structured marketing plan that will jump-start you over the first few weeks and then grow with you as as you begin to realize your goals. We know that when most people dream of being successful Voice Actors they see themselves in the studio actually performing scripts. There is no question that this is a very rewarding experience. However, the fact is that Voice Acting is not only an art, it is also a business.  That is why the VFA team has designed such an in depth yet easy to follow plan that will help you get clients and book consistent work. We will discuss the most common roadblocks that impede those people who would otherwise be successful and what we can do to get around those roadblocks. Knowing what to do is half the battle when it comes to success. Getting yourself to do what you have to do is the other half. We have included every possible detail because, once again, the future of VFA is dependent on your success.

VFA Home Studio Session (Silver and Gold only).  In this session, we will discuss all the elements that go into setting up your own home studio... the right way. We will explain what you need and how to put it all together. You will be given a detailed list of the equipment we recommend and an explanation of why we recommend it. Through VFA, you will also receive great deals on all of this gear and anything else you may need. Expect to experience information overload with this informative session. But fear not, all of our graduates (Bronze level included) are encouraged to email or call when they get ready to set up their studio. All students will receive help through the entire process including our Home Studio Assessment (HSA) program, where we assess your space to ensure top quality sound!

Also included with the VFA MC is a custom written Pro Tools Manual by veteran sound engineer Paul Benedetti, specifically for beginners doing voiceovers, using your home studio!  Not only does this manual walk you through the process from beginning to end, with actual screen shots to help you along the way, but we even include a Pro Tools Session Template file  or Plug-in Settings files! This means you don't even need to fully understand what you are looking at, because it is already done for you. You don't need to know how to use Plug-Ins, or even know what they do, or even what they are, because they are all set up for you. The VFA Pro Tools Manual has been meticulously written, so that you can sit down at your home studio and RECORD VOICEOVERS!

The fact is, Pro Tools is the industry standard recording software program.  The free version you would start out with works the same way as the version the Pros use. Professional sound engineers spend decades perfecting the use of recording software such as Pro Tools and we know this is not something you could or would even want to do. So we have taken the learning curve out of it for you. This alone has tremendous value for all Master Class students...unless of course you have a next door neighbor who just happens to be a recording engineer and will be available to you 24/7 to record all of your voiceover auditions and jobs... No? We didn't think so. The VFA Pro Tools Manual is a huge part of starting your voiceover business.

Professionally Produced Demos.

Included in our Live Online Master Class is the production of your first two VO Demos! You will record both commerical and narration scripts in your home studio, with your personal VFA Master Class Coach directing you remotely!  A VFA Studio Engineer will do the post production on your first VO Demos within 2 weeks of your session!

Your VFA LOMC Coach will choose both commercial and narration scripts personally tailored to your voice and style for your demos and spend time going over them with you and prepping you to record. Your coach will assist you with using your home studio, answering your VO-related questions, and help you prepare your scripts. Then you will have private Demo Recording Session(s) with your coach directing you. These are the sessions where you and your producer/coach will work together, on the scripts you have been preparing, to create your first Professionally Produced Voiceover Demos from your own home studio! This is when you get to experience what it is like to have a professional voice coach collaborate with you to create the best possible demo that you are capable of. We are sure you will be amazed during this private coaching/recording session.

When your studio session has concluded, the work has just begun for VFA's Production Department. Your coach will go through all of the keeper takes after the session to notate production concepts on each script for our studio engineer. A VFA Studio Engineer will begin the VFA Post Production Process. This is when we work with your demo to meticulously place the proper background music, add the needed fx, and process your voice. Your audio files will then be edited, mixed, and mastered, to provide you with truly professional and polished Commercial and Narration VO Demos. Both demos will be encoded and then uploaded to VFA's servers, and you will be notified that you are now live on the internet! This demo is one of the keys to your initial startup and it is imperative that it is created with a team of voiceover professionals. A free private web page to host your demos, bio, and contact information for prospective clients is included.

As always our home studio and creative support team is only an email or phone call away

As mentioned previously, included in the VFA Live Online Master Class is our VFA Home Studio Session detailing everything you need to know to set up and use a home studio. We also include our Home Studio Assessment (HSA) program to ensure top quality sound and a custom written manual for using the industry standard Pro Tools recording software. Having a home studio is a great way to easily audition for gigs, practice and hone your skills, and record actual paying voice over jobs right from home!  After completing the Home Studio Assessment you can start by recording your first VO Demos in your very own home studio, directed by your LOMC Coach and produced by a VFA Studio Engineer!  We feel this is a great way to kick start using your new home studio!

And of course as a graduate of a VFA Master Class you are a now a part of the family, and as such you not only receive a free personal webpage, but you are entitled to our help and support... forever!  Yes, we said forever.

You will have access to our list of online resources and, of course, we are always available by email or phone to help you in any way we can from this day forward. Whether you need assistance with your room setup for your home studio, a critique from us on an audition recording, or maybe just some advice on your marketing materials, we are here to support you. We encourage you to send us your very first recording and pics of your space. Never be afraid to ask for our help, whether it is before your Master Class, in between your Master Class sessions, or many years later.

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Once you become a member of the VFA family you remain a member for life.

The VFA Live Online Master Class is available to anyone with a broadband internet connection and a web cam! If you've never used an online video chat service before, such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, just Contact Us if you have any questions at all about the technology required to begin your journey into the world of voiceovers!

Please Note: Flexible Payment Plans are Available.